A gamer, anime watcher and a love for writing. I want to share my opinions on many different topics, such as anime, gaming and more. Keep in mind, I’m not a native English speaker. Want your anime blog in the blogroll? Leave a comment with your blog with a short description.

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ratingOn this site you’ll find a number anime reviews. Therefore it is appropriate to explain a rating scale. An explanation of the grades I give to anime series.

Reviews  in my view are breakdowns, in this case anime, in which the reviewer gives his take on a series. Explaining what made the show good or bad and if it is worth picking up. Of course it is a greatly biased post in which a grade is given with the anime and personal preference in mind.

The Grades

10: This is an absolute masterpiece. This anime did not have any flaws or shortcomings that ruined the experience. The series managed to create a perfect blend between story, character development, visual design, soundtrack and atmosphere. Highly unlikely to ever see a 10-graded series as perfection does not exist.

9: A very strong show. This series has, despite its very good set up and execution, not used its full potential. It could’ve explained more about the characters or setting. Despite its minor shortcomings, the series told an engaging story with convincing characters placed in a credible world.

8: An anime series with a credible story and convincing characters. Unlike 9-graded series, this show left out a decent amount of story elements that could make the experience more engaging.  This show needed more story- and/or setting building to complete the package. Although this show didn’t use all its potential, it created a credible world with characters that interacted on a natural level.

7: A show that left out a considerable amount of story that damaged the overall experience. The series did a brave effort to engage the viewer, but its shortcomings didn’t help the story develop into a convincing show. This series had pacing issues in which it went too fast or too slow. The soundtrack or visual design was lacking. It left out portions of the story that could pull the viewer further into the show. The overall show was entertaining, but not fully convincing.

6:This anime series didn’t feel complete. It leaned too much on cliché and had severe pacing issues. The pacing issues resulted in dull moments that pushed the viewer away from the show.  There was no real effort to give the story telling a twist. The soundtrack, visual design or characters were way below average and were noticeable throughout the course of the show. There is still a target audience that might appreciate this kind of show, saving this series from a lower grade.

5: A five graded series didn’t reach the status of entertaining and spiraled into the boring.  This show lacked convincing plot, characters and setting. There was little to no story development and characters were only created to move the story to its next event.  This anime wasn’t credible at any given moment, throwing away its chances to at least become a 6-graded show.

4-1: You probably won’t see a show that is graded this low. These shows are not worth mentioning or watching.

34 thoughts on “About

  1. infinitezenith says:

    It would appear that your interests and mine seem to be quite similar. I look forward to reading more of your posts as they are written. Happy writing, fellow anime-gaming-wordpress blog owner 🙂

  2. skycells says:

    Just noticed that you run a Youtube channel. How nostalgic, I used to be a Youtuber as well posting gaming content. I used to be an editor on a few Call of Duty teams, but we never ended up getting anywhere. I kind of miss it, but I had to give it up because I needed time for my other hobbies 😦

    This was one of my best edits:

      • skycells says:

        This is true, but I eventually got discouraged after posting for a year and a half and was getting tired of editing since it ate up a huge chunk of time. I liked drawing and music more, so even though it was hard to give up on something I put a lot of time into, I made the decision to stop uploading videos.

  3. kelly199865 says:

    I love the way you explained in detail each grade and I’m pretty sure your reviews will help people a lot^^ I’m glad I discovered this blog and I can’t wait to see more of your posts. One question though, since it always confuses me which genre is which, would you be able to make a blog post explaining all the different genres like Yaoi or Shoujo or Yuri. I want to look for a specific anime genre to watch but I don’t know what it is. Thank you in advance if you actually do but no pressure and I look forward to see more of your post^^

    • ninetybeats says:

      I get them from many places such as zerochan and yandere, but also donmai and konachan. Google Images also works occasionally, but the gems are hidden on the earlier mentioned sites. Not all content is ‘safe for work’ though.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Ey, thanks for stopping by here. I’ve looked at your blog and was triggered by this post https://thegirlwithcoffe.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/blog-change-15-followers-this-month/ where you asked for some tips on how to get better or improve your blog. I’m happy to give you some advice here.

      1. Make your header is a bit smaller, so people can immediately see there is content.
      2. I would use the “read more” function in your posts to cut them off at the frist paragraph so more posts will be in the line of sight so to speak. Plus your site will load much faster. The user doesn’t have to load all the content in one go.
      3. You have a lot of menu buttons. I would make a few core menu’s in your header. About and contact can be combined for example. Home seems a bit overkill, since your header is the way back to the main page.
      4. Using categories can improve navigation when you use the appropriate widget in the right.
      5. Using a top read or most recent comments in the left(widget) can trigger people to explore more of your content.
      6. Changing your blog name too often is bad for linking. If you have a one go to url, it can be shared more easily and Google can properply index your site.
      7. if you’re really into it you can use social media such as twitter of facebook to get a little more reach. That’s up to you;p

      I’m curious to see how you’re gonna improve your blog.

      • ninetybeats says:

        It’s all progress, I didn’t get the right design right away. It’s all small improvements along the way. Testing what works and what fancies your style. The most important part is just to keep writing;p

      • FarahEdz says:

        Tysm for your tips! I can’t do anything for the header because I just put a logo there unless I change my current logo to the smaller one.

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