Inuyashiki Review: Between Good and Evil

inuyashiki reviewA ride of ups and downs.

Mortals wondering whether this is what they want out of life, robots questioning their own existence and putting life into perspective. Finding purpose is becoming more and more prevalent these days, with the rise of mindfulness and yoga, but also finding the right job or partner. Inuyashiki bundles it in an edgy action setting where good meets evil.

Meet your creator

Inuyashiki revolves around high schooler Hiro and older man Ichirou who both live on the outer ends of the spectrum of life. One is just starting out, trying to find oneself, while the other is almost at the end, with a marriage, children and a dog.

One evening Ichirou tries to save a homeless person from being harassed by youngsters. His physique is nothing compared to the group he is facing, but when on the brink of being overrun, his body saves him. A body filled with weaponry, spawned out of nowhere, defeats the group in a spectacular fashion. An epic quest to find out what’s happened has begun for Ichirou, where he sets himself up to use his newly acquired powers for good.

Evil within

While Hiro is in full control of his own body, Ichirou is discovering himself. Wondering why, how and when this has happened, making him the plot driver of the series. There must be a sentient, omnipotent being somewhere out there? Ichirou often refers to God, asking for help and thanking him the power he has granted.

The moral dilemma between good and evil, God or no God, seeps through till the end, for both characters alike. Questioning what is evil, who is right and why things have turned out the way they did.

Inuyashiki Review Amidst this philosophical background, the two main characters tread their own paths. Hiro uses his newly acquired powers to reign down horror upon the innocent. This sparks a battle between Hiro and Ichirou that is the embodiment of the moral dilemma of the series. Confrontations between the two are often times short, but build up towards the climax. Inuyashiki at its core remains an action series, with the moralities intertwined.

Don’t expect an adaptation that questions human’s very existence through a nihilistic viewpoint. Simplicity prevails during the episodes and dilemmas are portrayed simplistic, mostly in the form of script that calls out to the all knowing God’s of wonder.

Look and Feel

Inuyashiki has a mix between traditional and CGI animation. The CGI often times feel a bit wonky and the normal animation tends to be sometimes sloppy. A rushed animated delivery breaks the stream of consistency when watching.

Inuyashiki Review Shots of the city are impressive, but its the moments of detail where Inuyashiki fails to remain consistent. Scene of close up or small rooms feel rushed and characters out of proportion or lacking detail.

Verdict 7/10

Inuyashiki is a simplistic action anime with some very strong action scenes and heart wrenching moments. It failed to deliver a strong story question, combined with inconsistent animation it cannot par with the top of its genre, despite its best efforts.

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