Made in Abyss Review: Little adventurers

made in abyss review A hidden gem that became my personal favorite for 2017.

I believe it’s quite a challenge to make a story credible with characters looking a lot like Amiibo figurines. There’s a lot storytelling and character development needed to make the viewer empathize with the cast. Made in Abyss combined those elements, the accessible visuals, a convincing world and gripping story, into a perfect blend that’s worth watching.

World building

Made in Abyss is set in a fictional world, telling the story about two young children that live in a city build around the ‘Abyss’. The journey starts when Riko wants to find her mother in the Abyss. Along with friendly Regu she travels down, like a true adventurer.

made in abyss review The creators don’t beat around the bush when it comes down to the story and display the world in all its gruesome details. The layers of the Abyss, which the explorers descent into are each with their own set of features and challenges. Namely, descending deeper puts massive strain on the human body.

This layered approach creates tension for the viewer and suspense for every next episode, because you’ll know that every layer further down is more terrible than the previous one and our two main characters keep going down where no human has gone before.

Nature gone wild

Every layer has its own features, which gives the creators time to shine. The environments are vastly different and so are the weird creatures inhabiting it. Ranging from flying super giants to poisonous hary monsters. It’s all in there.

Riko and Regu have to conquer them all to reach their destination, but as with everything in Made in Abyss, its gory and heart wrenching. Made in Abyss is not for the faint of heart.

Look and feel

Made in Abyss shines during world exposition, where the environment is revealed in all its majesty. This done by revealing parts of the world layer by layer, where each one feels unique in its own right. Areas in the Abyss remain vast and Riko and Regu pale in comparison. The rich nature and intricate details in the more character focused scenes are enchanting to say the least and offer a nice blend between the huge Abyss and the quest itself.

made in abyss review Some viewers may be be drawn back by the character designs, but it doesn’t affect the story experience.

Verdict 9/10

Made in Abyss is a fully fleshed out world with a rich character set and a gripping story. The pacing is just right and the soundtrack gives the whole ride an eerie feel. I rate Made in Abyss with a 9 out 10 for delivering a stellar performance.

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