Thank you, Chester Bennington

chester benningtonWhen all went dark, Linkin Park was there.

The initial news was quite shocking, but it really felt like a small part of me died when the messages about the death of Chester Bennington started to fill my feed on Facebook and Instagram. Friends and I talked about it, all startled by the news.

Linkin Park was there during my good and bad times when I was an insecure teenager growing into adolescence. It was my real introduction to the rock genre. Rock music was a sound that at first felt like something that would never fit, but the passionate lyrics and vocals had drawn me into the genre, kick starting a still on-going musical journey.

Linkin Park experimented a lot during the years and I was mostly passionate about their first albums, namely Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Those two albums, I played them so much. Their music traveled with me over the years as I became more and more a confident adult. In hindsight I noticed their music was growing into adulthood as well, into new genres which I am exploring now. The sound was evolving, maturing.

Listening to their newer material, songs such as Heavy, proved to me that Linkin Park had grown into something bigger. They are not sell-outs for exploring new genres, they are one of the most well talented artists out there for daring and succeeding in new genres that many rock bands do not dare to touch.

It’s difficult to comprehend what was going on in the world of Chester. Struggling with thoughts we cannot grasp. Listening to his interviews, the openness of Chester about his mental state are inspiring, but also showed something else, the need to escape oneself. Afraid to be in touch with the inner self, afraid to explore the mind.

Never have I felt such a connection with an idol. It opened my eyes to how much he and the band were a part of my life. How they’ve helped me cope with emotions that I couldn’t bring into words. Only now do I understand how their music has helped and shaped me into the person I am today.

We are all imperfect and we all fight our own battles. Where Chester Bennington saved the lives of many, he could not save his own. I hope he has found the inner peace he deserved and was looking for.

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