Eromanga-Sensei First Impressions

eromanga sensei animeThe spirit of Oreimo has returned in the form of Eromanga-Sensei.

I don’t think I spoil too much by stating in the first sentence that Eromanga-sensei is the spiritual successor of Oreimo. It was really obvious it would be somewhere in the same alley with the creator of Oreimo, also being the original creator for Eromanga-sensei. Right off the bat it is clear that those who didn’t like Oreimo, can skip this show. There is no need to complain about the fact that it will be some incest romantic comedy, move on.

In all honesty I liked Oreimo, and mainly the first season. No, I’m no advocate of incest or whatever taboo fetish may be out there, but the main theme was pretty accessible and it was refreshing to see a female character be a fan of anime and eroge for a change. The formula is being sprinkled over Eromanga-Sensei.

eromanga sensei animeEromanga-sensei starts off with Sagiri being a shut in after the tragic loss of her mother and Masamune secretly being a novelist working with an ero artist. Little did they know that the artists and the novelist are actually brother and sister. This is the opposite to Oreimo where only Kirino was involved in the ero manga genre.

It’s interesting to see this theme also coming back in Eromanga-Sensei, since her being a manga artist and her brother discovering her hobby would be a plot all on its own. Nonetheless did the creator choose for the same vibe. Apparently the sales were so good for Oreimo that the editor wanted the original creator to write a spiritual successor. We can only guess.

eromanga sensei animeThe first episode starts out pretty obvious with the introduction of the characters and their dramatic back stories, which are as generic as can be. The forced sadness in the first episode doesn’t work magic and I suppose a lot of seasoned anime watchers are put off by this melodramatic plot which doesn’t add anything to the overall theme.

Given, it gives context to the shut-in behavior of Sagiri, but it doesn’t really do much for her as a character since there hasn’t been any character bonding so early in the story. It will be interesting to see why Masamune wasn’t as heavily afflicted as Sagiri was. We’ll see if the studio decides to explain this story element or would just rather focus on the incest romance instead. My hunch is that the focus will shift to the ecchi side of the spectrum.

I’ll have to give the studio credits for creating such as fresh looking series. The colors are fresh and the animation is fluent. No real odd movements, it all just fits the show neatly. In series artwork is also of very high quality and my guess is that it’s created by none other than Cuteg.

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