Grabiel DropOut first impressions

Gabriel DropoutAn angel graduating from angel school to attend high school can only result in comedy.

Gabriel graduates from Angel school to be send down to earth to bring meaning to humans on earth. Together with demons and other angels they are placed at a Japanese high school.

This series could’ve gone many directions. A more serious route to help ill fated youngsters get fulfillment out of their lives. Gabriel Dropout could be a series such as Angel Beats for that matter. Instead it chose to be a comedy. And it made the right decision.

Gabriel DropoutGabriel is full of joy when she can finally enter the human world, or in more Japanese terms, becoming a member of society for the first time. She is met with a harsh reality in which it’s not all fun and games. Escapism becomes the way to retreat from an overly competitive and judgemental society. She has become the metaphor of modern times. But instead of pitching it at as a terrible endeavor, the creators drape it in a very on point comedy sauce.

Luckily it’s not only Gabriel who is the comedic factor, but also characters such as the demon from hell, Satanichia. Consequently also packaged as a cute girl. She has her mannerisms that reflect her demonic background. She indulges herself in small thefts such as throwing garbage in the wrong bin. Small stuff.

Gabriel DropoutThe catch is the angel Gabriel who is more evil in her ways than a demon coming from the depths of hell and starts to doubt the necessity of human existence. Gabriel starts to despise humans, questions the need for their existence. Her days become dull and the interactions between her friends, who try to save her from herself, are what make the show worthwhile.

Gabriel Dropout is surprisingly comedic. It may not be as refined as KonoSuba, but a lot of jokes are spot on. The high school setting is perhaps a little too present in anime and therefore also in Gabriel Dropout, yet it’s not bothersome in this setting. A must watch for those who can appreciate dark humor and want a nice comedy along KonoSuba.

3 thoughts on “Grabiel DropOut first impressions

  1. OG-Man says:

    Satanichia is the true main protagonist, Vignette’s adorable, Tapris is delightful, Raphiel is alright and Gabriel is a poor man’s Garfield who is nowhere near as charismatic and I feel indifferent towards. My thoughts on the show after 6 eps.

      • OG-Man says:

        After the truth was revealed of who the real main character was enjoying the show became much easier. All hail our future crimson haired ruler!

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