Kuzu no Honkai First Impressions

Kuzu no Honkai first impressionsDidn’t see that one coming.

I’ll start right off the bat, this series is explicit. The first episode just kept going and going, racking up the sensual tension like some soft core porno, may it be in anime format. Honestly I didn’t see this coming. The plot hinted at a rather romantic premise, but Kuzu no Honkai taking this route was surprising. And refreshing.

Kuzu no HonkaiHanabi Yasuraoka has a crush on her teacher and desperately tries to get close to him, while he has a crush on another teacher, Akane Minagawa. That brings in her a position of distress where she can’t fulfill her sensual cravings. One day she bumps into Mugi Awaya who has a crush on Minagawa sensei. Hanabi and Mugi decide to search for a no strings attached relationship, promising they won’t fall in love with each other with the sole purpose to imagine being with their loved ones.

No strings attached relationships sounds a like the average romcom. The clich├ęd plot where boy and girl go all the way, but swear to not fall for each other and yet eventually fall in love, marry and have children. The standard route for most, while Kuzu no Honkai borrows some of those elements, it focuses more on the disgust, shame and discontent of the rather unnaturally occurring events.

Kuzu no HonkaiThis approach makes Kuzu no Honkai stand out. While Hanabi enjoys the sensual tension, she starts to drift into a relationship she initially didn’t want to get involved in. Kuzu no Honkai questions whether no strings attached relationships actually exist and through thought provocative content it tries to lure in viewers and question the morality of it all.

It does not sugar coat the romance, Kuzu no Honkai shows a harsh reality. Where other romcom anime make the girl almost like a pet, giving unconditional love to the boy and he only has to chose the perfect mate, Kuzu no Honkai goes on the offense within the genre.

Undoubtedly this will put many male viewers off, since they’ve been pampered with surrealistic imagery of how a relationship should be and how girls should behave towards them. Frequent readers will know I dislike this format. Kuzu no Honkai spits them in the face and screams to the audience to brace themselves for the moral decay of the constructions that have initially been promoted in anime as the ultimate goal. Lust is all fun and games till feelings come around the corner.

5 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai First Impressions

  1. OG-Man says:

    Will wait till the show’s end before bothering to pick this one up. Based on what I’ve heard you can easily guess who is the only character I’m interested in.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I’m starting to have mixed feelings about this show. I’ll admit I haven’t seen enough to fully pass judgement upon this series, but while it’s really good in its execution there seems a very have focus on the sexual where I hoped it would give a more though provoking ride. Oh well, to each their own;p

      • OG-Man says:

        I thought that was the point from the screen shots I noticed: Exploring the love lives of the desperate and and anxious. I guess there’s a strong emphasis on the sexual. It’s fine I guess. I’ll eventually see for myself.

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