Preview Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujō Ō-hen

Ao no Exorcist Kyoto SagaThe hype is back.

I’m not going to glorify this show, Ao no Exorcist is a typical shounen anime centering around a young protagonist who faces impossible odds. It’s the regular sauce for a shounen anime, but the first season was a welcome addition to the genre, especially with a dark theme and stunning visuals. The story wasn’t overly complex, centering around the son of Satan who was taken care of by a priest. That’s indeed an interesting combination.

The sequel of Ao no Exorcist, directed by Koichi Hatsumi (Deadman Wonderland, Gangsta) will be the adaption of the Kyoto Impure King Arc manga. Yukio, Rin and his companions will investigate the theft of the left eye of the Impure King demon who killed thousands of people during the Edo period. But something deeper lies underneath the veil of the theft.

I haven’t read the manga so I cannot vouch for how cannon the adaption is or will be to the manga. I’ll therefore view this as a standalone product. There isn’t much revealed yet, apart from the plot and the cast. Judging from the preview the original format will not be abandoned. Promotional artwork nonetheless shows a more emotional and action packed ride.

The show is being produced by A-1 Pictures, a studio which has quite a steady repertoire. I predict with Koichi Hatsumi at the wheel, Ao no Exorcist will have a more violent turn. Deadman Wonderland bordered along the gore side of the spectrum and also touched the realms of the shounen genre. Although I don’t think Ao no Exorcist will become a bloodbath anytime soon.

The assistant director for Ao no Exorcist will be Shigeki Kawai(episode director for Kingdom and Galilei Donna). My concern is the portfolio of Shigeki which is less than stellar. Galilei Donna was an incoherent mess. Luckily he’s familiar with the operations at A-1 Pictures, since Galilei Donna is produced by aforementioned studio. Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujō Ō-hen will start airing the 6th of January.

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