The show will go on

anime blogIt’s been a little bit quite these past few months.

I’m back. I wasn’t really away, but I left WordPress for a little while. I always have a little dip somewhere in the year. This time it has been a little longer than usual. Life always has its ups and downs and this time it really struck me hard. But I’m not the type to dwell on matters and want to retake regular pacing as fast as possible. Personal ambitions in my professional field also drain a lot of energy.

The urge to blog was yet again strong within me. I won’t deny that anime had become rather dull, especially these past few season. The current season is particularly weak. I still watch anime frequently, but it felt like they all followed the same pattern and there was nothing more to write.

I was playing around with formats this year and perhaps I’ll keep toying with them. For now it’s seems pretty stable.I don’t want to force myself into doing seasonal posts or following a set schedule. Those never worked for me.

I hope I can continue as long as possible(this has become kind of a yearly recurring post, I know), but it remains fun to share my opinion and read your comments.

2 thoughts on “The show will go on

  1. Kurumi Shim says:

    Oh, hi there! It’s been a while.
    I was really looking forward to your posts, it always entertains me. I hope you will still continue to work as a blogger. Let the anime spirit be with you. Cheers!

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