Small improvents to the blog

blog improvementsChange in color mostly.

Every now and again I try to smack some new paint on my blog. It’s now a more navy blue like color and the background is pure white for a better reading experience. I’ve long doubted whether this would actually be a good decision since the header isn’t responsive, but it feel like it’s a good decision.

On the back end I’ve been compressing images, especially those for the Art posts. Those images are high res, so they take up a lot of space. I’ve always used Photoshop and never pick the highest filesize available.

Not that the space that WordPress offers is an issue, it’s just that I want my readers to have the most smooth reading experience. The smaller, the quicker the site loads. Which on mobile devices on a cellular network is really nifty. I’m curious on what devices you mostly read blogposts and please share what you consider the best blogging experience.

Curious how you can optimize your images? Here’s the link

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