First Impressions New Game!

New Game First impressionsI’m liking this show already.

Frequent readers will know I like cute girls doing cute stuff in a slice of life setting. I’m sure there are readers out there who also appreciate this genre. Luckily this season we got New Game! Flashy colors, cute moe-girls, slice of life. What more do you want? Exactly, nothing.

New Game! follows Aoba who starts her job at a game company called Eaglejump. She’ll be working on the sequel of her favorite game from childhood. The synopsis isn’t breathtaking. There are many shows that focus on a particular part of the anime or entertainment industry such as Shirobako and Bakuman. New Game! differs from Shirobako that it doesn’t go necessarily deep into the jargon of the particular field. Shirobako solely revolved around the production of an anime series, with a heavy focus on all aspects that come into play into the creation of a show. Shirobako wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but it was, from what I saw, highly appreciated by the anime community. New Game! focuses more on the fluffy side of things, especially with its moe-design.

New Game First ImpressionsMain character Aoba is a rather energetic person, since she is a newcomer within the company she was obviously hoping to be working for. Just like somebody with a computer science degree would consider it the pinnacle of his or her career to work at Google. Other characters are a mix of scraped together stereotypes, which of course isn’t an issue within the setting. Most obvious one is the coder Hifumi, who can apparently be nothing else than being an introvert. As I said, stereotypes.

The first episode focused solely on the introduction of the characters and Aoba discovering her new workplace. It’s all new and fresh, she’s insecure, yet eager to learn. Familiar moments for anybody who starts at their new work. There is some fan service sprinkled throughout in the form of Kou, which was to be expected judging from the visual design of New Game!

Interactions are well within the norm, with no major pacing issues. I wasn’t watching the show with one eye on my smartphone or moving my cursor to see the progression of the show. I was actually surprised how quickly the first episode passed by. That’s saying something.

New Game First ImpressionsAnother interesting detail that caught my eye was the hour Aoba left her job on the first day. At 9PM. That’s a tough cookie to swallow, especially on information overload day, namely your first day at the job. I was aware that Japan had ridiculous working hours, but it keeps overwhelming me every time I see it. This small scene emphasizes the focus of the show; the workplace. I suspect it won’t be so much about the whole production process, but more about Aoba’s interactions with the company.


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