Kiznaiver Review: Less triggering

Kiznaiver reviewHas Trigger gone soft?

When I see that Trigger is producing a show, I’m expecting hyperactive, almost stop motion like animation. Rough lines, shouting characters and an absurdist story. None of those aspects seem to be included in Kiznaiver. Of course the lines are rough and the style is unmistakably from Trigger, but it less rough and more polished. The colors are more vibrant and the characters more refined. But is the way Trigger should be going?

Kiznaiver reviewKiznaiver revolves around a group of youngster(like it would be something else, am I right?) who are connected by the Kiznaiver system. The technology is part of some dystopian system where people are connected and share than pain and feelings. Apparently to make the world a better place.

I’m saying apparently since I’m not really sure what the real deal is with Kiznaiver. Which brings me at one of the biggest drawbacks of this show: what was I watching again? The main focus was the group of teenagers that shared each other’s pain who were subjected through a series of tests, some disguised as high school activities(duh). I feel like Trigger wanted to put down something so much more credible, it focused so heavy on the theme that they sort of missed the memo on how to convey the story to its viewers.

Kiznaiver reviewI touched the subject a bit in the beginning of this review, Kiznaiver seems to be an honest attempt of Trigger to make a more approachable, less niche, show. I suppose they wanted to appeal to a brother audience with less absurdist designs and a story that would match this style.

Kiznaiver reviewIt reminds me of KyoAni trying to be more dark with Kyoukai no Kanata, while the forte of KyoAni lies in their shows that focus on the more fluffy, not so much on dark horror. We discovered that indeed, this didn’t play out as well for KyoAni. Not that it was a total disaster, but it just lacked that touch that made the shows of KyoAni, KyoAni.

I got the same vibe with Kiznaiver. It was a real attempt to stray away from shows like Kill la Kill which was total idiocy and give the show more substance with a philosophical edge on how society should best be governed.

Kiznaiver reviewWhere Kiznaiver had some issues concerning the story, it really stood out with its visuals. I am used to real rough edges of works coming from Trigger. Kiznaiver was surprisingly polished and I sensed that the studio really did an effort in putting down the right ambiance.

Kiznaiver reviewThe lighting was really mesmerizing and the scenic views of the city were well done. The graphic display was familiar, but it was more up to date to fit modern standards. Some viewers might find it a tough pill to swallow that Trigger decided to go more mainstream with Kiznaiver, but I believe it’s a step towards the right direction.

Kiznaiver reviewKiznaiver did a really good job in delivering atmosphere, but it didn’t do as on the storytelling. The main theme was clear, yet conveying it to the viewer wasn’t as smoothly. I like what Trigger did to revive its own style. Despite t hat I can’t overlock the fact that underperformed. Therefore I rate the show a 7 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “Kiznaiver Review: Less triggering

  1. Karandi says:

    The story was definitely the weakest part of the show. The characters were fine as was the premise (and it was beautiful) but the story just never really made sense or found its flow. Thanks for sharing.

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