Artist Selection: Yohan12

yohan12The second artist in this series is Yohan12.

I frequently get questions where I get the artwork from that are scattered throughout my posts. I just look on multiple sites to find the best artwork. It’s sometimes too much of a hassle to retrace it to the original creator, but to compensate for this I want to highlight some great artists. Some may be new, and some may already be featured in earlier posts. I want to give my own analysis of selected artworks and that way you’ll be able to discover new artists as well.

Yohan12 describes himself as a director and illustrator. Judging from the language of his blog, he is from Korea. Yohan12 has a style that reminds a bit of Kantoku. Not particularly in the following artwork or the coloring style, but the character design with their often times child like features. The eyes are big, but in the coloring pretty straightforward. The shape of the heads is also very reminiscent of Kantoku’s style, although I doubt Yohan12 is doing the coloring all by mouse.

yohan12In the following picture we see a girl standing in front of a candy store holding a bag full of sweets. Her design hints to Taiga from ToraDora. The coloring is well done especially the bright red, combined with the sunroof above the door with the red, white and blue. The lighting gives the whole picture a summery feel in combination with the bright colors. The architecture hints towards a small town in Europe or a coastal town.

yohan12There isn’t a lot of focus and blurring going on in the picture. The image is pretty flat. While some artists really play around with blur, others really don’t. Just like with drawings of Kantoku as well, there isn’t really an optical blur. The only optical illusions that gives a sense of depth is the less detailed background and the perspective of the pavement. The less detailed background gives the impression that its further away and therefore also not the focus of the image.

Yohan12 did a very interesting job on this picture, namely creating it within four different times of the day with subtle changes to the image. We see from left to right; morning, afternoon, evening and night.

yohan12This is a very complex piece since the colors change due to the amount of light that differentiates through the day. It takes a lot practice just to master color, but to also be able to transform an image into different times of the day is really a skill.

YOhan12 tries not to emphasize detail, but focuses more on the atmosphere. The typography isn’t very detailed and is a little rough, distorting the overall experience of the image when focusing on the different details. It’s better to quickly appreciate the color scheme and the craftsmanship that goes into creating a different atmosphere within the same image.

Yohan12’s Pixiv Page


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