Artist selection: Nababa

nababaIn the first post of the artist selection series I want to highlight an interesting artwork from Nababa.

I frequently get questions where I get my artwork from. I just look on multiple sites to find the best artwork. It’s sometimes too much of a hassle to retrace it to the original creator, but to compensate for this I want to highlight some great artists. Some may be new, and some may already be featured in earlier posts. I want to give my own analysis of selected artworks.

NababaIn the following work we see a girl who symbolically sits on top of the world. Note how she is blowing clouds into the air with her syringe, which may be a reference to the world being drugged by synthetic substances.

NababaAnother interesting detail is the “All your base are belong to us” in the top right corner, which is a direct reference to the game Zero Wing in 1991. The Engrish text has become part of popular meme.

NababaThe text is accompanied by, what seems to be, the all seeing eye with a hand pointing towards what will obviously be the base that shall be conquered. The hand may be indirectly connected to the person behind the girl. The proportions seem a bit of in this respect to be in direct relation to the standing figure.

When we look at the marching heads at the bottom of the image, we see one head which represents a pharaoh, one beneath the legs of the girl which appears to be a sort of demigod and the head closest to us, seems to be a noble figure.

NababaSculptures like this have been around for many years, so it is difficult to pinpoint who this person might be. It might be a roman empire, a philosopher or a scientist. When giving this symbolism a deeper thought, they may represent the progression of humanity from the spiritual to the more philosophical.

Funny enough an inflatable sex doll is pictured above the pharaoh head, that is dragged by what seems to be a joker. It could be a subtle reference to our modern society, just like the syringe clouds, where everything becomes more artificial; our environment and our romantic lives.

Nababa’s work is often times quickly drawn with more attention to the subject than the actual details. It’s refreshing to see the amount of refinement in this artwork. The refinement varies from artwork to artwork, with different types of focus and blurs. Most attention goes to the face and background are sometimes just colors like on an impressionist painting, guided by the senses and feelings of the painter.

Nababa’s Pixiv profile

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