Updated seasonal posting

anime blogEverything needs a fresh smack of paint every once in awhile.

I was wondering how I could keep my posting a bit more frequent, yet keep it light enough. I’m not gifted enough to write an essay about one episode. I like quick answers myself, so no need for me to elaborate unnecessarily when I post.

Nonetheless I liked the seasonal posts where I walked through the shows I picked up that particular season, but that brought some issues as well. Not all shows aired at the same pace, which resulted me having a first impression ready for one show, but waiting for the other to air. It was stalling the process and it like felt I didn’t give every show the attention it disserved.

Therefore I wanted to try separate posts, starting with first impressions with shows that really stand out within my personal selection. I’m not sure if this is the right model yet. Shows air faster than I can write, resulting in some shows not being a first impression any more, but almost midst airing. Perhaps I’ll do some episodes reviews, for example a review episodes 1 to 4 from a particular show. That is still very conceptual, but it’s less dependent on airing schedules when pushed into one big post.

2 thoughts on “Updated seasonal posting

  1. infinitezenith says:

    Episodic reviews can be a pain in the lower backside to write, but I’ve done incremental reviews (after three, halfway point, after nine, etc.) to great effect. The advantage of those posts are that, besides not taking so much time, they allow you to consider how a set of episodes contribute to the bigger picture 🙂

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