Winter season review

musaigen no phantom worldSpring is coming.

The winter season of 2016 had some show that really stood out, but also quite some weak ones. Of course this happens every season and is practically inevitable. Luckily this was not the weakest of seasons I’ve encountered so far, although I’m becoming more critical and a show has to do something really special for me to be hyped for it every week.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!KonoSuba was the best show of the season with its spot on humor and lively characters. I dare to label it as the comedy of 2016 already.

KonoSuba was on the shorter side with its 10 episodes, yet was able to keep its momentum throughout its run. The jokes were most of time spot on, especially with Kazuma’s cynical remarks about his misfit crew along side of it. The visuals weren’t as spectacular as rivaling shows airing the same period. If you want to read more, be sure to read my full review.

Boku dake ga Inai MachiBoku Dake Ga Inai Machi was definitely the show that stood out most within the community. It brought a refreshing vibe and an interesting way to communicate the story with its audience.

It was impossible for Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi to keep gaining momentum until the end. It had some weaker moments along the way, where episodes almost became slow. The first episode was one of the better episodes, which is a logical decision for a studio. The first episode has to be the commercial for the whole show that is to come. It had the best visuals, the best consistency in character design. Want to know more? Read my full review.

HaruChikaHaruChika was a terrible show. It was boring, dull and featured one of the worst characters I’ve encountered to date. I have P.A. Works high on my list and its a shame that every now and again they come with a show that’s a total wreck.

Haruta was a total piece of shit and the implicit shota elements that were drenched within his character were terrible. I have a sense that HaruChika was in conflict with itself. It wanted to be mystery, music and slice of life all in one. It could only be a disaster with such a mix of genres. Read more about HaruChika in the review.

Dagashi KashiDagashi Kashi had a refreshing theme in the first few episodes, but quickly become rather boring. The theme of candy was abandoned, which in essence isn’t an issue, but it so heavily focused on that theme that it didn’t really caught on with me later on in the show. Still I feel it has some sort of refreshing vibe within the anime line-up.

Dagashi Kashi had an interesting look and feel, where studio Feel couldn’t resist to throw in the usual fan service along the way. I still couldn’t get over the weird position of the eyes and pupils of the characters. The design didn’t really struck a chord with me.

Musaigen no Phantom WorldMusaigen no Phantom World is perhaps one of the weakest productions I’ve seen from KyoAni. The show was build out of episodics and didn’t really have coherent story to bind them all together. Plus the idiotic fan service was an insult to the viewer.

I’ve seen this several times with KyoAni shows that try to overcomplicate the story and struggle to convey it in a manner understandable to the viewer. I still have no clue what Musaigen no Phantom World’s main story or plot was. The whole virus triggering the possibility to see otherworldly creatures, but not everybody could see them etc. etc. I really don’t get it.

Hai to Gensou no GrimgarHai to Gensou no Grimgar used an interesting art style. It felt like I was looking at a canvas which was a welcoming addition to the mostly polished shows airing nowadays.

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar apparently revolves around teenagers trapped inside a virtual world, or at least an alternate universe. They are hinting throughout the episodes, read dialogues, that they don’t belong in the world or have some vague recollection of an alternate universe. What I miss most in this series, is the real link to the other universe. Just like Log Horizon did where there weren’t real hints of how and why they were in the world they were in.


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