One Punch Man Review: Hype Machine

one punch man reviewThe hype follow-up of Attack on Titan.

I consider a series a hype when non (regular) anime watchers start watching an anime show, it has reached the main stream. Which is no way is a bad thing, it shows that a studio has pulled it off to really launch a successful entertainment product. Something much needed in the anime industry. Naruto, One Piece and Attack on Titan are good examples and as of 2015 the already legendary One Punch Man.

one punch man reviewOne Punch Man follows Saitama through his struggle to find the ultimate competitor that will challenge his skills. Through a seemingly easy training regiment he becomes one of the strongest fighters on earth, and perhaps the universe. And as the title implies, he finishes of his opponents with one blow.

Saitama is joined by many colorful characters when he joins the hero alliance with his pupil, a humanoid fighting machine called Genos. The alliance is a team of highly skilled and strong individuals that protects their town from a wide variety of threats. Each has their own set of skills and competes to become the number one ranking super hero. Of course our hero is not recognized as such and his powers are seen as a hoax. The story isn’t really layered in that respect. It does what is has to do without being overly complex in its execution. The plot is simple and the episodes run on the same gag throughout the entire run.

one punch man reviewOne Punch Man is more a satire than it is an action series. Yes, the violence is jam-packed with action packed animation, but there’s something more fundamental that drives One Punch Man into what it became. One Punch Man plays around with the Shounen genre with its trope; an all mighty powerful main character that lives to win and protects its fellow men and loved ones, getting the recognition he deserves.

One Punch Man plays around with this dynamic, showing of familiar tropes such as evil monsters with pseudo important back stories that drives them into what they’ve become. While the main protagonist is nothing special. Just an ordinary guy, looking for his next rush. He’s also mistreated by his environment which is also contradictory to the genre where the main hero is idolized, the embodiment of everything that is desirable in a man.

one punch man reviewWhile being produced by MadHouse, One Punch Man has quite a Trigger style of animation. The lines are hard and roughly drawn, giving it a real comic book vibe. It fits the show neatly as it just as equally rough. The gore is in your face and not really for the young viewers.

one punch man reviewThe opening song heralds the action packed storytelling and emphasizes the satirical nature of the show. Though it’s not the best song, but that’s more a taste issue than it is a fact.

one punch man reviewOne Punch Man delivers a convincing and refreshing air through the anime line-up of 2015. Nonetheless did it run on the same gag, and obviously, couldn’t let it slide either. I appreciate that the show played around with familair genre tropes and therefore rate One Punch Man an 8 out of 10.


6 thoughts on “One Punch Man Review: Hype Machine

  1. OG-Man says:

    Looking forward to more Saitama pwnage and the backseat superhero dilemmas. That’s right. I liked this show for opposite reasons most internet critics more than likely did.

    I smell a heel turn coming next season.

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