Anime summer season 2015 review

summer anime seasonGoodbye sunshine, here comes wind and rain.

It wasn’t a really amazing summer season this time around. Charlotte stood out well above the other airing shows. Many others were lacking. They missed a certain magic or novelty. I dropped Classroom Crisis pretty quickly, which was unrealistic nonsense scraped together into a show.

Charlotte animeCharlotte is the latest creation of P.A. Works and Maeda Jun. It’s a well balanced series with a lot of unexpected twists and turns during the run.

I must admit that Charlotte had some pacing issues and I honestly expected it when I first learned about the modest amount of episodes it had reserved to tell its story. It wanted to do too much in a short amount of time. Nonetheless was at a very convincing anime as a whole. Read the full review of Charlotte for more details.

Akagami no Shirayuki-himeI don’t really get what Akagami no Shirayuki wants to do as an anime. It feels like the initial plot, namely Shirayuki escaping from a mad prince, only functioned as a kickstarter for the anime and quickly disappeared soon after she took her home at Zen’s castle.

The romance was pretty slow and for a shoujo anime it was rather conservative concerning the visuals. It could’ve been more flamboyant, setting itself apart with an unique vibe, cause I’m sure the series has the potential to do so. I also don’t quite understand the hype, since the show basically does nothing and consequently not being in the appropriate genre for such a narrative style.

summer anime seasonFate/Illya keeps drifting off into nowhere with its scraped together fanservice fest that’s bordering on the inappropriate and even uncomfortable viewing experience.

Silver Link only uses this series as an exploit to serve the most basic of instincts. Apparently it sells since this is already the third installment of the series and I suspect more will follow. It’s a shame that a spin-off has so little to do with the original franchise. There are some references, but most of the show centered around Illya and Kuro’s lesbian interactions, which is way off from what the Fate/ franchise is about.

gakkou gurashiZombies are not dead yet, but the formula quickly runs dry in Gakkou Gurashi. The setting is really static, since the series uses the school living club for its narrative. There isn’t enough variety in my the zombie apocalyptic setting.

Gakkou Gurashi is set in a rundown high school, where a select group of young girls is trapped. This focus doesn’t change for the entire show, give or take some exceptions. The characters weren’t as striking either. They lacked background and the character designs felt a bit rushed, without emotion and depth. Static figures, moving from frame to frame. There was a hint towards a second season and I wonder where this series will go. I do believe it won’t stray off from the zombie genre tradition, namely looking for survivors and a cure. I certainly don’t wish it will take place in another high school.

summer anime seasonThe third season of Working isn’t anything new. It follows the same path as the previous season. It builds on the romantic relationships between the characters, but is still rather tame.

Many of the gags are being repeated and therefore lost a part of their novelty. Inami is steadily moving away from her phobia for the opposite sex, which is a good thing. It was time for Working to move on. There is more to be explored, but the series had a good enough run to close off.

summer anime seasonThe second installment of Non Non Biyori seems to be on the edge of what was creatively possible with the series. The second season didn’t bring the necessary refreshment for the franchise to prevent it from drifting off into the ordinary.

I like the slice of life genre, but I try to emphasize that a good slice of life series is able to pull the ordinary to the extraordinary by giving it an edge. In the second season of Non Non Biyori there wasn’t really anything that made it as refreshing as the first season. The main cast keeps doing the same old thing and their school and at home shenanigans don’t keep me entertained for long. Given, the show had a calming vibe, which also one of its strong points.

summer anime seasonI find it shameful when an anime had an opening song that is one thirds of the anime itself. Wakaba Girl didn’t deliver as a short anime.

The show was boring and lacked consistency. Each episode was a short story, which in essence isn’t a bad thing, but I didn’t like the ‘rich girl out of touch with the world vibe’. Maybe I should’ve just dropped the series earlier on. The visuals are bright, but not crisp and don’t create an atmosphere that make those few minutes something special.


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