Ore Monogatari Review: Friendly Giant

ore monogatari reviewOre Monogatari has pulled the romance genre to new heights.

I think Ore Monogatari has created quite the buzz among the community, especially with its rather flamboyant main character, giant Gouda. Most of the times a shoujo anime tends to focus on a very attractive male main character and cute girl, but this time they’ve let ordinary conventions slide.

ore monogatari reviewGouda is twice the size of an ordinary human being and despite his gentle character scares people off with his appearance. Together with his best friend they move through life with each their own struggles. When one day Gouda rescues tiny Yamato from a groper in the train, he conquers her heart and a sincere romance starts to bloom between them.

Ore Monogatari really plays on the sentiment that love is just around the corner and it can happen suddenly when you least expect it. I also believe that this is what really sets apart Ore Monogatari from other shoujo romance series, it’s not utopian. While writing this I almost feel like this series is more accessible to males, since not every male looks like a sculpted Greek god and despite not being like that, is still able to find a nice girl.

ore monogatari review 2Ore Monogatari remains fairly innocent over the course of its run. Gouda emphasizes his gentle giant appearance and Yamato is equally innocent. This brings an interesting dynamic to the table where both cherish each other. A lot of shoujo anime focus from a girl who’s innocent who likes a guy who’s a tad problematic or on the edge.

Perhaps this explains the hail among the community for Ore Monogatari that takes a slightly different approach to the genre and makes it accessible for both guys and girls. A good example is how the show explores the path to adulthood of Gouda who discovers how to as a girl out and how to maintain a romantic relationship, while consequently being a good friend.

Yamato is on her own journey in becoming an adult and learns to open up in her relationship with Gouda. One of the most moving elements of the show is the fact that, despite what her friends tell her to, Yamato stays true to Gouda. She has seen a side of him others did not and stands her ground, defending her lover.

ore monogatari reviewOre Monogatari mainly sets itself apart through the interesting character design of Gouda. He’s not utopian and this is also the main selling point of the series within the genre. He may be a metaphor for not judging a book by its cover. Since him being so big, he’s still a kind hearted person inside.

ore monogatari reviewThe visuals itself aren’t really staggering and are familiar to other shoujo series we’ve seen coming from MadHouse. The colors shift between sharp and very subtle which really create atmosphere around a particular event. A regular shonen series will rarely stray of the visual course, unlike a shoujo anime that has a more brighter color scheme.

ore monogatari review

The lines aren’t as sharp andthe  focus is more subtle in more emotional moments to emphasize the more romantic undertone of the series. The character design of Yamato also really resembles Chihaya from Chihayafuru.

ore monogatari reviewDespite not being very innovative during its run, Ore Monogatari brings a fresh breeze through the shoujo romance genre. Gouda and Yamato have great chemistry and prove that shoujo romance doesn’t have to follow its standard course. I rate Ore Monogatari a 9 out of 10.


7 thoughts on “Ore Monogatari Review: Friendly Giant

  1. abnormallycurious says:

    Yup! this is not a shoujo anime with a cliche’ plot. I loved the characters, especially Suna – who gave a friendship & bromance vibe to the show. I felt sad because the anime already ended (hope it has a 2nd season), but if not, I’m already satisfied with the conclusion. 🙂

    • ninetybeats says:

      I doubt it will get a second season, considering it already has 24 episodes and explored many different themes. Suna did deliver some comic relief and he was indeed a major, yet subtle, plot driver

  2. Ruki says:

    I heard so many great stuff about this series that I feel the need to jump into the hype train. But I’m not really into romance series, at least not the generic anime-ish ones. Should I still watch it? I mean, I loved Lovely Complex, but that is one of the few, if not the only one. : /

    • ninetybeats says:

      It’s not generic in that the main character isn’t unconfident, and he’s not super handsome for the genre standards, which makes this series stand out. Nonetheless is it very sugar coated and if you want more impactful drama alongside the romance, I think this anime isn’t for you. I haven’t seen Lovely Complex, so I can’t say if this is along those lines.

  3. sindyblue10 says:

    I also agree that this show really would appeal to both genders instead of targeting just females.
    I also really liked how they made the main male character and Suna. I thought it was a great twist to the whole story.

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