Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso OVA Review: Modest Flashback

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaA prologue to the series.

I find always kind of offbeat when a series does a prologue after the original airing. I find it more suitable as a flashback during the run to give the characters more background and place them more firmly into the setting. At the beginning of the series would also give the studio room to play with. Subtly introducing us to the full plot. The producers of Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso however chose to insert the prologue after the original run.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaThe Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso OVA introduces us to the main characters, with the three piano rivals in the spotlight. They meet each other at a faithful encounter and feel destined to become to best piano players.

The OVA doesn’t necessarily focus on training to become the best. It gives hints that feel like Rocky preparing for his most epic fight. It’s more subtle and tries to forward the message that training isn’t everything, that keeping aware of one’s health is as equally important. The OVA feels more like a reminder for those that aim so hard, lose themselves, forgetting what truly matters.

I often times feel I’m over thinking what the creators might have wanted to convey through their productions. Maybe that’s the whole point, that I’m creating my own message which is vastly different from other viewers.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaI gave the series much praise in my review and rewarded it the best anime of 2014, so the expectations for the OVA were high. I didn’t expect it to be a prologue that would be so focused on the really early stages of their lives. I guess the creators wanted to emphasize the rivarly between the main characters, creating more background that in their opinion was lacking in the tv version of the series.

The stakes were high and I suppose it was an unreachable goal to create such a strong vibe within the short time frame in combination with the subject matter that would be on par with the original. I would’ve appreciated an epilogue more. It would create a better closure.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaThe OVA has undoubtedly received less budget priority. The music scenes, which are the most important part of the show, are trivialized. The movements are still frames, instead of fully animated, indicating that the focus was more on the plot involving the three main characters, rather than the visual spectacle that was the original series.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaThe musical pieces chosen weren’t as flamboyant as in the anime adaptation annex series. I wasn’t blown away by the music and in combination with the lack of emerging visuals, the parts that made the series fell short.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaOn top of that, was the OVA a DVD release, which also felt like it didn’t do much credit to the series as a HD release would. The visuals were not as smooth and bright, they were fine, but lacked the subtle details only HD can portray.

shigatsu wa kimi no uso ovaThe Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso OVA created a sense of nostalgia, but it lacked the visual display that made anime series stand out above the rest. It would be more fitting during the run of the series as a standalone episode. I rate the OVA a 7 out of 10.


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