Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade Review: Triggering

little witch academia reviewTrigger launches a magical movie for its Little Witch Franchise.

Witches wouldn’t be the first thing you would associate with the studio that brought the action packed Gurren Laggan and over the top Kill la Kill. Little Witch Academia is more tame with characters less flamboyant than in Kill la Kill.

little witch academiaWe tune in again with the three witches, Akko, Sucy and Lotte once again. The school is preparing for the festival that ‘celebrates’ the harmonious coexistence of witches and the normies. Which in reality isn’t as beautiful as it sounds and the idealistic trio is trying to bring change to that tradition.

The setting barrows a lot of the elements of Harry Potter, Fantasia and other shows. The play with brooms and magic is perhaps one the most recognizable scenes for those familiar with the Disney franchises. It shows Trigger is trying to create a show that is more accessible to a broader audience than it did before with for example Kill la Kill, which was more on edge and geared towards a niche audience.

Little Witch Academia features a divers set of characters and keeps adding new ones to keep the show fresh. The cast is well in sync, as well with each other as within the setting, which reminds of early to late 90’s children’s shows.

little witch academiaThe interesting element about the Little Witch franchise from Trigger is the usages of Kickstarter. This OAV project raised 150.000 USD to add 15 more minutes to the 20 minute sequel, turning it into an almost full-fledged movie.

I find it an interesting discussion whether commercial companies should be using Kickstarter or other crowd funding platforms to back their projects. Kickstarter seems a great way to get production going, but for established studios such as Trigger it feels like it’s moving again western commercial principles. If the company would be financially healthy, it would be able to finance its products that are part of their core business.

little witch academiaLittle Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade has a vibe cartoon-ish vibe that reminds of the early 90’s. The animation itself is less over the top than other Trigger productions, nonetheless is the visual style of the studio present.

Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade

The movements of the characters are sometimes off and on. The transitions aren’t always as fluent as can be, but other times nicely flow from frame to frame.

Little Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade

The scenery is modest in its details. It’s typically Trigger where its more about the emotional impact than the details. The presentation is raw, which really works for some viewers. Those are looking for an ecstatically more pleasing ambience might become disappointed.

little witch academiaLittle Witch Academia The Enchanted Parade is a nice addition to the franchise. Nonetheless could the show use more creative input. It’s leaning a lot on proven concepts, feeling like more of a marketing tool for Trigger than a project backed by real people. I rate the show a 7 out of 10 for its perfomance and despite everything staying true to what makes Trigger, Trigger.


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