Anime Summer season 2015 Standings

charlotte animeThe summer is moving along towards the season’s sunset.

If an anime manages to make me want to stop watching while commuting in public transport, you know it’s got to be horrible. Classroom Crisis was one of them. The characters were agonizingly annoying.

Charlotte animeCharlotte keeps surprising me with its refreshing concept and visuals. The Angel Beats and Maede Jun elements are present throughout the series and flow naturally through the episodes. From the quirky soundtrack to cast buildup.

P.A. Works seems to have found themselves back on track and are especially skillful in combination with studio Key. They are both in sync and create a convincing atmosphere that takes they audience along the episodes.

summer animeThe misleading first episode in Gakkou Gurashi can be a deal breaker for some, but at the second episode this series takes flight and shows that the zombie genre works just fine in the anime medium as well.

Gakkou Gurashi has a Seinen visual design. It has super cute characters, but combines it with gore elements. This is not an uncommon design language since we’ve seen this style in Higurashi no Kori Ni as well. I still find it a bit tame, Gakkou Gurashi can go a bit further in its exhibition.

summer anime seasonWakaba Girl is heading the same path as where it started, exploring how a super rich girl discovers the world of the normies. The visual design may be appealing, the show still fails to keep me entertained for the 8 minutes of screen time it takes. And that’s a serious issue.

summer anime seasonThe third season of Working! stays true to the formula of the series. Nonetheless is it maturing and steering it into the romance genre, which is a good decision since the gender related jokes started to grow old.

The cast is still divers and gives the studio room to play with. Yamada is one of the best cast members as her almost sarcastic naivety gives the show a great dynamic. The visuals are decent, but as with many shows, not something to really look forward too. While I’m thinking about it, the soundtrack is also quite absent, something that could really boost the comic relief.

Akagami no Shirayuki-himeAkagami no Shirayuki-hime seems to kind go away from its main plot, namely Shirayuki is not really in despair, trying to flee the evil prince who wanted to make her part of his Harem. She is happily strolling around her new home.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime has some pacing issues. What does this series try to accomplish? Where is it going? The romance is super cliché and so subtle it’s unclear to what genre this series belongs to.

summer anime seasonNon Non Biyori Repeat stays true to its slice of life countryside formula and doesn’t really innovate through the episodes. In all honesty, it’s not necessary for Non Non Biyori Repeat to become more than what it is now.

The show is a perfect addition to the genre and for the season. It has a nice soft summer vibe that guides the viewer nicely through the episode like a relaxing cruise through the canals.

summer anime seasonIllya has apparently retired from being a magical girl and serves as Kuro’s romantic slave. Or something. This series is going nowhere, but we knew that all along. We aren’t watching this spin-off for the heavy and tragic plot.

As far as the show itself, it is more of a fan service than it is a show. Nothing really happens and I said it many times before, but this show isn’t true to the original Fate/ adaptations from Ufotable.


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