Gakkou Gurashi: Zombies are not dead

gakkou gurashiIs Gakkou Gurashi the best blend between school life, cute and zombies?

The zombie genre is divers and recently pretty booming,. Many series and movies have sprung into life to cater to fans of the genre. Live action series such as The Walking Dead remain popular. Gaming has many franchises such as the Last of Us, Plants and Zombies, the zombie mode in Call of Duty and many more.

The anime medium has some series as well. The more laid back, romantic Sankarea and Highschool of the Dead. Nonetheless, those aren’t big numbers, so does Gakkou Gurashi find the right blend between multiple genres to create a spark in the anime industry?

At first glance the series seems generic with the cute visuals and Yuki is the stereotypical clumsy innocent girl. The opening is way too cute as well. Interestingly enough does the series turn darker at the end of the first episode and does it introduce us to a dark and apocalyptic world. The visuals blend between the colorful world of Yuki and the dark reality outside of school.

Gakkou Gurashi can go many directions, but it shows in the first couple of episodes that looks can be deceiving and that it can pack quite the punch. The series takes it time to tell the story with flashbacks, that don’t necessarily take you out of the vibe. They create background stories for the main cast. Of course, as we know very well from the genre, the setting is brought as apocalyptic as possible with news flashes and widespread panic. In that respect Shinsekai Yori did a better job where it blended classical music with horrific scenes right off the bat, not leaving the viewers in the dark what the story is about.

Gakkou Gurashi is now airing this summer season. If you’re looking for something to spice up your line-up, this will be a good one to pick up as well.


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