Anime Summer season 2015 First Impressions

Charlotte animeCan P.A. Works’ Charlotte turn this summer season into something special?In all honesty, this season is kind of meager. There aren’t many shows that particularly standout. There are some major players of course, yet many don’t necessarily trigger to watch with their synopsis alone.

Charlotte animeCharlotte revolves around a peculiar group of high school kids. They all possess a supernatural power. Yuu gets his first encounter with them and is forced to you his Code Geass-like powers for good.

I really enjoy Charlotte. The humor is quirky and spot on, combined with camera and editing techniques we’ve seen in Angel Beats, which give Charlotte a sense lightheartedness. The character designs come from Na-Ga at visual novel studio Key, who are still riding of the wave of their biggest hit Clannad. It seems that Key and P.A. Works are a good combination. The graphics are fresh and finally on par with the better productions of P.A. Works.

summer anime seasonSuper rich girl gets to experience regular high school life in anime short, Wakaba Girl.

As far as first impressions go, the visuals are quite pleasing. It’s like looking at illustrations in a children’s book. The plot mainly revolves around a rich girl who enters a public school for the first time and tries to make friends and blend in. The stereotypical ‘lost touch with the common folk’ is all too present and doesn’t feel like breath of fresh air.

summer anime seasonThe tales of the unique set of characters at Wagnaria family restaurant continue in the third season of Working!

The third season of Working isn’t anything new. Viewers of the first two seasons will get the familiar set up with the same gags and visuals. For context, new viewers should pick up the first two seasons. That way you’ll get familiar with cast or else it’ll feel out of place and incoherent.

Working S3 itself has some good jokes in between and it’s fun to see the cast again playing their particular roles, Yamada being the best among them. It feels like the rest of the characters don’t bring as much character dynamic as Yamada does.

Akagami no Shirayuki-himeAkagami, the girl with red colored hair flees from her country as she was being summoned as the king’s concubine. During her adventures she take refuge at the rivaling prince.

So far the story is quite innocent and pretty straightforward. I like the setting since its refreshing among all high school anime launching every season. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime needs some development, but I guess there’ll be a love triangle of some sort. The visuals are decent, but not overwhelmingly good.

summer anime seasonMuch like the previous season, Non Non Biyori Repeat revolves around four girls living in rural Japan. The series is characterized by its light hearted summer vibe and slow pace.

Viewers of the previous season won’t be in for many surprises as it is pretty much the same as before. Hence, probably, the name ‘Repeat’. You have to enjoy the slice of life genre or else you’ll most likely be bored by the slow paced narrative.

summer anime seasonA futuristic setting where a high school class is working to build the fastest spaceship or something. I guess.

I’ll be honest I mostly watch Classroom Crisis because I like the visual design. I don’t like shows that take themselves way to seriously in a non credible setting. A high school class having like a billion yen budget? Come on. Not even the best schools in the world can afford that much money for a project.

I also dislike the whole ‘group of teenagers are going to save the world’ kind of vibe. Just let them live their lives or what not. In that respect Robotics Notes did a better job in not over glorifying the project or setting. It feels like the production team thought: “alright, we have this epic futuristic society, with high tech spaceships, but instead of adults we set in a high school setting.” And the whole board room goes wild screaming “BRILLIANT!”

summer anime seasonThe Fate/kaleid franchise seems to be a hit with the public as it keeps coming with side stories and sequels. We follow Illya and her companions through day to day activities and with magical girl elements of course.

The magical girl element seems to be pushed a bit to the background and the girl on girl interactions between Kuro and Illya seem to be the dominant driver of the plot. That’s a shame I really thought the plot of Kuro was certainly suited for a darker storyline. Nonetheless, nothing new and fans of the franchise will be just as entertained as with previous season.

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