5 ways to increase your audience

increase blog trafficWebsite optimization never stops. 5 easy steps to make it easier for visitors to reach your site and keep them coming back.

I’ve done several posts concerning this topic on how to improve your blog. I want to keep updating my findings so you can also keep improving and gain traffic to your blog.

increase blog trafficI’ve stumbled upon many blogs that make it difficult to subscribe. Find a prominent place for a follow button, for example in the shape of a widget. Choosing the right color scheme can help a lot in making your buttons, blog and widgets stand out.

increase blog trafficQuality is important, but losing momentum can be harmful to your overall traffic. It is important to keep the blog up to date and make sure your site keeps ranking properly in the search results. I’ve witnessed this myself when I had a ‘small break’ end 2014 and beginning 2015. The overall traffic to my blog started to slow down and got back on track when I started to publish again.

increase blog trafficI’m guilty of doing this myself, creating cryptic original names for my posts. I turned ‘preview’ into ‘flashforward’, which makes it for a search engine hard to understand what the content is about. Make sure your past titles are optimized as well. I optimized all the titles I thought needed attention and my traffic increased.

increase blog trafficKeeping your posts organized is key for a better user experience. Try to categorize your posts for easy navigation so that readers can quickly find other related content. Again, it took me some time to optimize my site, but it became more user friendly in the end. Link to related articles so that readers don’t have to go the extra mile to discover posts.

increase blog trafficThis isn’t perhaps the most easy and quickest solution, but since Google’s algorithm update in April this year, a lot of sites have witnessed severe declines in traffic. The only reason was that the sites weren’t mobile ready. The WordPress app allows to view it in a dedicated environment, nonetheless themes need to get updated every once in a while. Styles change and techniques for scalability get updated as well. Responsive web design is a very big thing and makes sure every resolution gets the proper web experience.


8 thoughts on “5 ways to increase your audience

    • ninetybeats says:

      As we speak, this year, I’m at 1655 visitors and over 3000 views, with the most popular region being the US. Search Engines generate the most views, so I dare to say most are new visitors.

      Unfortunately I cannot see what the avg. engagement time is and scroll depth. The WP data is oversimplified. It would nice to see how engaged people are with the content I put out.

      How are your stats?

      • infinitezenith says:

        I use tools like SimilarWeb to glean additional information, and while it does estimate average time spent, it’s not terribly informative. I think most of my readers come for the screenshots, since I can’t read my posts in three minutes :p

        From a traffic perspective, 2015 has yielded 100k viewers, 65k of whom are unique. I think I’ve got a good answer of why the numbers and proportionally low engagement are the way it is: I found a brilliant article that describes how different blog post lengths and styles impact reader engagement vs SEO optimisations. From that article, I produce the lengthier articles, so algorithms from Google love that, but at the expense of engagement. These are general cases, but I found it to be an interesting read nonetheless 🙂

      • ninetybeats says:

        Your doing quite good for yourself. I don’t generate that much traffic by far on my blog. But it doesn’t matter, interaction with my readers is just fine;p

        I’m using more sophisticated tools for my professional work. The article is about a year old, which means a lot has changed. I find it highly debatable what he says in the article that post length can affect shareability. Buzzfeed generates a shitload of ‘buzz’ with only memes and few phrases. SEO is very complex and what he says about length is probably written from a keyword perspective. Keyword density is less and less prominent and the algorithm becomes ever more sophisticated, nonethless nobody exactly knows how the algorithm works. The link authority is more important than the amount of words you use.

      • infinitezenith says:

        I think the article might’ve mixed up “desire to interact” with “prompts sharing”. Experience says that extremely detailed posts usually don’t foster interaction. Nonetheless, I did find it an interesting read.

      • ninetybeats says:

        Thanks for sharing and feedback nonetheless. I believe tone of voice can also play a huge deal. Some messages/posts are more triggering than I more sophisticated post and are less likely to be shared within certain communities.

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