Spring Anime Review 2015

fate stay nightHow many shows did survive until the end of the spring season?

Well not so much to be honest. I dropped DanMachi which wasn’t really my cup of tea. I also dropped Nagato Yuki-chan. The animation of the show was outdated and the character interactions didn’t feel coherent to the anime adaptations of KyoAni. Nisekoi was equally terrible, if not the worst one I’ve picked up this season. All in all I dropped more shows than I had predicted, a lot turned for the worse after a few episodes. Note: I wanted to wait with the post to be released after Kekkai Sensen had stopped airing. Don’t know what happened to that show.

Fate/Stay NightFate/Stay Night set the stage for the sequel in the Fate/ franchise. Fate/Night UBW did a great job in progressing the story in a magical visual spectacle.

Fate/Night UBW had some lesser moments with a lot of conversation that might lose the audience. It’s a typical trait of the franchise to heavily lean on conversation and compensate with heavy action scenes. Conversation is not a problem, but the core of the dialogues is lost over time and is more a moral standoff than a real power play.

This element was especially present in this installment where Emiya seemed a justice warrior and all others were just greedy murderers. A lost chance for the franchise to expand on the back stories of the characters.

Plastic MemoriesPlastic Memories was one of the best shows this season with its futuristic approach to robotics blend into human society. The series wasn’t as fleshed out as I wished it would be, nonetheless did it open a window into a world where robotics are more widely accepted and more common.

I wonder if the creators gave it as much thought as I did, since I was really intrigued by the theme at hand. It displayed a society where robots fulfilled a real need when humans were lacking. The relations between humans and robots was also far more developed, which gave an interesting dynamic to the narrative. If you want to read more, you can check out my review or another post I’ve written where I’ve explored the dynamics of a robotic society.

Hibike EuphoniumThe spiritual successor of K-ON, Hibike Euphonium, brings a more serious approach to the music club theme. KyoAni also throws in some subtle girl on girl romance to spice things up as Kumiko and Reina grow towards each other.

Hibike Euphonium shows the struggles of being in a music club with all the hard work that comes with it. K-ON! focused more on the funs’, yet Hibike Euphonium goes further and brings more depth the genre. The visuals are typically KyoAni with a 2015 sauce over them. Read my full review to discover more about this slice of different in the KyoAni portfolio.

Show by RockShow by Rock!! had a very strong start with colorful visuals and an interesting character dynamic, nonetheless did it lose some of its momentum during the run. This comes mainly due to a forceful plot that tries to overdramatize the story, while the whole ambience isn’t suited for this at all.

Show by Rock would be better if it solely focused on the music part. The songs were very catchy and really blended with the visual design of the show. The overall plot feels irrelevant and distracts from what made this show enjoyable.

Kekkai SensenKekkai Sensen wasn’t spectacular in any way. It shared a concept with Darker than Black and the overall low saturated color scheme that is familiar to BONES. Yet, somehow it was able to entertain me towards the end.

I don’t exactly know what the overall plot is in Kekkai Sensen. I think the element I liked most in the series, was the character dynamic. The characters were very lively, unique and shared a chemistry that really worked on screen.

OregairuThe second installment of OreGairu didn’t improve much after the first season. The services club is still handling pseudo impactful request from students and keeps on dwelling on Hachiman’s indecisive character.

I didn’t really understand the hype around OreGairu during the first season and don’t understand it now. The best credits I can give OreGairu is they show how broken the Japanese school system is concerning personal development of its students.

urawa no usagi chanUrawa no Usagi-chan was supposed to be a tourist promotion, nonetheless did it fail to do its job. As an anime short there isn’t a lot room to play with, therefore the studio only has as short amount of time to engage with the audience.

Urawa no Usagi-chan lacked the visual design it needed to at least stand-out. combined with the short time, there were no particular elements that made Urawa no Usagi-chan appealing to its audience. In another post I go into greater detail how Usagi-chan has failed at the task it was given.

3 thoughts on “Spring Anime Review 2015

  1. infinitezenith says:

    OreGairu‘s first season was fun to watch (sans the hype) because it provided a somewhat different approach towards the protagonist’s characterisation. In doing so, it create a greater expectation for what a second season could entail. While it started strong, things started regressing when after Hikigaya takes on Iroha’s request, and by the end, there were more questions than answers. It’s one of the occupational hazards of adapting from light novels, but nonetheless, Feel’s done a reasonably good job of adapting it.

    I’ve yet to actually take a look at Urawa no Usagi-chan: I was originally planning to watch it such that there would be at least someone who had a review of it. Depending on how it turns out, it might be the perfect anime with which to start my proposed “Terrible Anime Challenge” series, where I review anime that’s outside the scope of my interest and determine whether or not it has any merits.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I don’t think I would be the person to take part in a terrible anime challenge. Well, to find the gems you first have to encounter a lot of ordinary stones:p

      • infinitezenith says:

        I typically only watch the shows that I feel merit watching, and as such, most of the content I’ve got winds up getting a positive review of some sort. It’s quite similar to how with certain loadouts in Battlefield, I’ll tend to do better and go on kill-streaks.

        So, to mix things up, I’m going to take a stab at watching anime that people keep going on about (e.g. Mirai Nikki, Isshuukan Friends, to name a few) and see if they live up to their popularity, alongside obscure anime to see if there’s nuances that viewers might be missing out on. I’m still hammering out the details, but I think the challenge will die pretty quickly if no one knows about it 😛

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