Random Recommendations

K-ONDiscover new shows.

MyAnimeList has a particularly interesting ‘if you liked’ feature where users can recommend series with a similar feel. I’m going to attempt to recreate this concept in good old Ninety’s Blog fashion.

K-ONFollowing the same visual vibe as K-ON!, makes Hibike Euphonium a nice addition to the music and slice of life repertoire. K-ON! focuses solely on a small group of girls and the spiritual reincarnation Hibike Euphonium goes the extra mile by telling the story of a big band club.

Both shows have a similar look and feel and KyoAni knows to touch the heart strings with appealing character designs. For some it might feel recycled, but the formula works. The music may be catchier in K-ON! with a more poppy feel, yet Hibike Euphonium emphasizes more on the struggles and less on the jollies which can be a welcome change.

IdolmasterThe Idolmaster and Love Live both feature a group of girls who try to become idols, may it be with different intentions. The songs are super sugar coated and fans of the idol group music genre will surely appreciate Love Live after enjoying The Idolmaster.

The look and feel is nearly identical and I dare to argue that Love Live! has a more refreshing vibe, but it less true to the core of the idol group world. Idolmaster focuses more on the industry, whereas Love Live! throws high school life in the mix.

HanayamataMadHouse delivers alternative sports to the genre with Hanayamata, but those wanting something with more substance can pick Chihayafuru.

Hanayamata focuses on Yosakoi and Chihayafuru tells the story of the sacred art of Karuta. It almost feels if those shows are sponsored by the Yosakoi and Karuta foundation. Nonetheless both present something new and fresh. MadHouse may not be the best animator in the business, but uses a colorful visual design and convincing characters to engage the viewers with Karuta.

Plastic MemoriesIf you enjoy Plastic Memories but want a series with more background story and context, Eve no Jikan is the best choice. Eve no Jikan has a more subtle approach, but focuses more on the blurred lines among humans and robots with strict rules between both of them. May it be written and unwritten rules.

I consider Eve no Jikan as kind of a cult classic. I rarely see it swinging around in the community, while this a wonderful depiction of a society that will surely befall us. It’s more on the moral side of interactions between humans and robots, whereas Plastic Memories is slowly spinning away from it.


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