Summer Watchlist 2015 edition

nagi no asakuraFive anime shows you should be watching this summer.

Summer break is coming along for most us and some spare time as well.

amagai brilliant parkThe theme park in Amagi Brilliant Park and its colorful, magical cast are in serious problems as the happiness gathered from visiting customers is running out. The park princess and all her friends won’t be able to stay if there aren’t enough customers within a certain timeframe.

The clever humor and colorful vibe in Amagi Brilliant Park engage you in summer happiness. Kyoto Animation showed that it can pull off some of the best comedic moments of 2014. The main cast interacts naturally and the other colorful figures are diverse and sometimes over the top, serving the audience with refreshing moments throughout the run.

nagi no asakuraP.A. Works has a mixed repertoire, but Nagi no Asukara has a vibrant water setting that has created quite the positive response in the community.

The people under water are nearing a period of hibernation and the young crew doesn’t want to give in. Racial differences are growing between the water and earth people with elders holding grudges and youngsters who want to forget the tainted past. Nagi no Asukara seems to paint a metaphor for global warming with changing oceans and racism against those who try to escape their about to be destroyed homes.

isshuukan friendsEvery week Kaori’s memory gets reset, but Hase tries everything to remain her friend and of course become her love interest.

The subtle canvas like look and feel complement the gentle pacing in Isshuukan Friends. The plot feels clich├ęd, and we’ve seen it many times before. Yet, Isshuukan Friends makes it feel innocent, making you empathize with the main cast. The romance is rather implicit and I wished it was more straightforward, nonetheless you’ll love this entry for the romance genre.

akame ga killAkame ga Kill! is a balls to the wall action series. It’s shallow, but it is jam-packed with action sequences that rival Attack on Titan in its execution. The visuals look a bit retro, but Akame ga Kill has a very strong soundtrack at times to make you completely forget about that fact.

Tatsumi joins the Night Raid, a group of colorful characters with insane fighting abilities, to bring down the government who is exploiting its people for their own wealth. Tatsumi and Akame are the main plot drivers for the show. Metaphorically Tatsumi and Akame represent different stages and struggles during the fight for justice. Being lost, bitter, angry and enjoying the small things.

hanayamataNara and Hana build up the Yosakoi dance club, making new friends along the way and discovering the world of Yosakoi.

Hanayamata wasn’t the best show when you purely look at its execution. The visuals weren’t top notch, the characters weren’t as convincing, but Hanayamata is a welcome addition to the ‘sports’ anime genre with its Yosakoi centered theme. The main cast convincingly conveyed a sincere enthusiasm for Yosakoi, especially due Hana’s hyperactive attitude.


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