Standings Spring Anime 2015 Part 2

Fate Stay NightRound 2 for the anime series airing this spring. Denpa Kyoushi unfortunately didn’t make it up until the half way point. Well, it was terrible anyway. The characters were annoying and the visuals not really 2015. Owari no Seraph also didn’t make the cut. That show was just a piece of garbage with everything that could be remotely profitable smashed into it.

urawa no usagi chanUrawa no Usagi is still fairly the same. It isn’t as engaging as Aiura was and it doesn’t real seem like the proper advertisement for the region it was supposed to represent. All in all entertaining, but I wish they had done more effort with the visual design of the show.

DanMachiBell keeps on fighting in the dungeon trying to conquer goddesses and earn some money to make a living by defeating monsters and such. So much for job security.

DanMachi isn’t really the deep philosophical epic you are looking for. The show is still pampering us with suggestive imagery of Hestia and other well breasted women. DanMachi is quite slow in its execution and doesn’t necessarily seem to follow a plot with a goal.

Kekkai SensenKekkai Sensen is pretty is steady in its execution, exploring different facets of the interactions between the normal and the abnormal world, connected with some divine portal. Yet the true story or plot remains unclear up to this point.

I made a concept comparison with Darker than Black earlier, and I’ll do it again. Kekkai Sensen not only has similarities in the concept, but also in the narrative. At a very late stage in the story, did we fully comprehend the subject matter in Darker than Black. I suspect the same with Kekkai Sensen. I still don’t fully understand the existence of the portal and the role main character Leonardo has with it, apart from having supernatural eyes.

NisekoiThe second installment of Nisekoi is even more dreadful than the first. The focus is shifting, moving more and more towards the pleasing of the male audience with unrealistic character interactions. It’s becoming beyond stupid with the over the top narrative.

I could’ve seen this coming, that Nisekoi was moving towards being more harem. The signs were there in season one. I was just curious to the conclusion of the lock and key plot, which is tossed around every now and again. The focus of the series is mainly the harem interactions between Raku and the girls who are madly in love with them.

OregairuThe service club still a loyal provider of services in OreGairu, even in its second installment.

It almost feels like Oregairu is more of a silent protest against the Japanese school system. Oregairu heavily shows the facets of the bureaucratic procedures of maintaining a club, being involved in the student body up to political levels. The introverted Hachiman being the plot driver for Oregairu. A symbol of a mind held back by the rules of the system who undoubtedly could do greater things when his mind is set loose.

nagato yuki chanNagato Yuki-chan remains in its romantic comedy setting where Nagato tries her own shot at love. With having competition of Haruhi, her quest to conquer Kyon becomes more and more difficult.

It was to be expected that the Nagato spin-off wouldn’t match up to the original adaptation of Kyoto Animation. The visuals aren’t particularly striking. I’m not a fan of the kind of out of focus camera and the highly lighted visuals. It shows that the studio is trying to mask lower quality animation with tricks.

I also doubt that Nagato is the right character to build a spin-off for. She is quiet and introverted. Kyon was a good narrative tool to progress the original series with his withy inner thoughts. Plus, the Haruhi franchise seems more adaptable to subtle romance instead of the very in your face version in Nagato Yuki-chan.


2 thoughts on “Standings Spring Anime 2015 Part 2

  1. CheesyJ says:

    I have to agree with you that Nagato is not the right character on whom a spin-off should be based. The rest of the cast clearly outshines her in their screen time, kyon is still the highpoint of any episode with his witty commentary and Haruhi’s personality takes up way too much space, even in her limited screen time. The focus that Nagato does receives from the series feels forced and the comedic situations she finds herself in give of an unnatural vibe. The series has more or less become an expansion of Kyon’s pseudo-harem.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I think Kyon and Haruhi are still the most well suited characters for a spin-off. Or a new season or movie. Haruhi has so much more facets of her character to be explored. May it be through the interpretations of Kyon.

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