Standings Spring Anime 2015 Part 1

Fate Stay NightHow do the airing shows stack up at about the half way point?

I’m rather positive about a lot of shows airing this season. Show by Rock!! is really refreshing with its visual design and catchy music. Plastic Memories is sincere and I enjoy the subject matter. Maybe because I’ve picked up more shows than usual I was able to filter out the better and worse instead of a small portion which doesn’t give room to play with.

Plastic MemoriesPlastic Memories steadily moves on exploring the mental background of Giftia Isla and the coexistence of robots and humans.

I must admit I would’ve loved to see Plastic Memories take it to the next level when it comes down to advanced AI within human society. The show has a lot of potential surrounding the topic. It explores it minimalisticly through its dialogue, but it doesn’t really go in depth. The main focus is the collection of almost defunct Giftia’s and the shattering of intimate bonds between men and machine. Plastic Memories is moving more of its narrative towards the relationship between Isla and Tsukasa, which is an in-depth version of the overall theme.

Fate/Stay NightThe battle royal to obtain the wish fulfilling Holy Grail is ongoing with Rin and narrative plot tool Emiya as leading characters.

Apart from the visuals, which are spectacular, Fate/Stay Night UBW isn’t really blowing me away with its narrative. Rin is a welcoming character for comic and romantic relief to give the viewer some room to breathe through its heavy material. Nonetheless the dialogue is heavy and requires attention to grasp the grand scheme of Fate/Stay Night. While I find the opening sequence one of the better ones(off all time perhaps), it could’ve taken the opportunity to highlight different facets of the story to prepare the viewers for the upcoming scenes.

Show by RockA new addition to the line-up, Show by Rock!! Set in an alternative universe where main character Cyan has to fight dark monsters in a society run by music. With her magical guitar she beats all odds while playing in a band.

Show by Rock!! is really entertaining. Some will classify it as yet another moe oriented show, but this time it actually neatly fits in the visual design of the show. The character design fit the way the show communicates with its audience. With realistic visuals the show wouldn’t feel as dynamic and joyful. The overall design is very colorful and catchy. You can see and read more about Show by Rock!! in a separate post I’ve written.

Hibike EuphoniumHibike Euphonium revolves around the shenanigans of the big band club or marching band that try and compete for the nationals. All students are in for tough competition thanks to sadist-sensei who’s supervising the club.

Hibike Euphonium had a rather sluggish start where main character Kumiko felt fake and other characters were just like planets that have their own orbit. They just move around the main character and keep everything in place. Luckily the series took shape and the main cast developed itself. I really like Reina since she is quite distant, but becomes a totally different person when it involves music. I appreciate this transition. She represents an introverted person that comes to life when he or she is passionate about something.


5 thoughts on “Standings Spring Anime 2015 Part 1

  1. lazerx9 says:

    I think that the second season for unlimited blade works is going to be better than the first because the action scenes are more than the first, with Gilgamesh finally getting into the game.

    • ninetybeats says:

      It’ll obviously be better now that the story is progressing. I just find Shirou a very weak character. I don’t think his attitude is befitting for the overall setting and his development also seems off pace with the progression of the series.

      • lazerx9 says:

        I agree totally with you. His personality is quite annoying as Archer has always been pointing out. The thing i find most disappointing is how the series will end (that is after I saw the movie).

      • ninetybeats says:

        I don’t know how the series will end. We’re close to the end of the second season of UBW. I’m not sure if there’ll be a third season. I would find it highly unlikely.

      • lazerx9 says:

        Unfortunately or fortunately, the series will end at the end of this season, that is according to the movie. I actually prefer the series to the movie because the series is more detailed and well, just plain much more interesting.

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