Changing uniform colors in Hibike! Euphonium

hibike euphoniumHow white uniforms make the KyoAni show more approachable.

I wouldn’t normally write about school uniforms, but Hibike! Euphonium is the first show in which I really felt that the color of the uniforms didn’t do justice to the series. Recently KyoAni has teased with some samples of white uniforms and in its latest episode featured some of them. It showed Hibike! Euphonium became a more approachable and more lively than it was before with its brown color scheme.

hibike euphoniumAccording to an article in the Guardian, a school uniform unifies the students in an organization and reliefs them from peer pressure. Being judged for wearing the wrong clothing shouldn’t be possible. On the flipside I believe that a school uniform limits the means of self expression, but that’s beyond the point. Plus it can be a competing factor in social situations of schools where there are rivaling institutions.

The white uniform in Hibike! Euphonium gave the girls a more modern look, befitting the timeframe of the show. The brown uniform would be better suited for Gosick since that show positioned itself around the end of the 1920’s. The white color scheme also made the girls more appealing and giving them more youthfulness.

Uniforms not only have a social, and in this case a narrative function, they appeal to the senses and are part of greater visual design. When well worked out they seemingly blend in the narrative. Unfortunately KyoAni made a less fortunate choice in the color scheme of the school uniforms. Or perhaps it was really clever, since they can tease the public with more elaborate designs and engage them with the franchise.

One thought on “Changing uniform colors in Hibike! Euphonium

  1. miharusshi says:

    Those white uniforms that they teased were for the band, though they really did change into their summer uniforms in episode 8. Yes, they’re white and sky blue, which might explain why their band uniform looks like that in the first place.

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