Show by Rock!! is actually pretty fun

Show by RockWatch these cute girls play some pop rock music in Show by Rock!!

I haven’t seen Show by Rock!! being tossed around in the anime community yet. This show has been mostly under the radar and there’s probably a good reason for it, it looks darn cute. I often sense hostility in the community against moe-esque shows. Nonetheless this show has pretty good entertainment value, despite its looks.

Frequent readers know I love cute and Show by Rock!! easily meets the criteria with its flashy colors, music and divers characters. The colors are vibrant and reflect the setting of an alternate universe with zoological beings playing catchy music. Not all songs are as great, but they are packed with a healthy dose of humor. Lyrics reveal some disillusioned super groups that see their fans as mere peasants. If this is an accurate depiction of modern day pop culture is to be questioned.

This music anime is perhaps one of the series of its genre where I don’t instantly skip the songs. That’s what I did in the Idolmaster and Love Live most of the time, since the songs were agonizing to listen to. The songs in Show by Rock!! are performed by multiple artist groups that give the show a refreshing vibe during an episode. The music doesn’t necessarily follow the same genre, which is beneficial for the viewing experience.

Show by Rock!! is lighthearted and entertaining. It certainly deserves a higher grade than the below 7 given on MyAnimeList. Fans of pop rock music can enjoy a laidback watch. While not really being a typical BONES production, they have certainly found a convincing mixed line-up with Kekkai Sensen and Show by Rock!! airing simultaneously.


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