Plastic Memories: should robots look like humans?

plastic memoriesShould a robot remain an assistant or can it fulfill something we long for?

I’m very intrigued by Plastic Memories and its subject matter. Apart from the cute looks of main Giftia Isla, she symbolizes a future where mankind is undoubtedly moving towards ; a society wherein robots can fulfill a role that replaces human intervention. Filling an emotional emptiness that can be resolved by a machine.

The Giftias’ in Plastic Memories can be used as an assistant, but also as a full fletched humanoid that lives together with humans. Acts and behaves as a human, consuming nutrients and have emotions. They live in a harmony with their owner, where in this case owner is degrading towards the robot since it feels and looks as a human. It is not a slave. Is this a dangerous situation? Will the distinction between humans fade?

Humans enhancing their abilities with technology is nothing new. Your smartphone can be an extension of you or an amputee that can partially regain the functions of the hands(or feet) with help of technology. Yet, technology isn’t advanced enough to make us obsolete. There are cases where robots, in pet form, give humans comfort. Perhaps those are the harbinger of a time where more humanlike robots will also replace human intervention.

With great technological advances as in Plastic Memories technological singularity might occur, where humans are surpassed by their own creations and therefore as mentioned become obsolete. A human will have to do the initial programming, but when the robot becomes smarter they might be able to program themselves. They’ll become an integral part of society and the rules of the society we live in might change. Perhaps robots will fight for equality or intimate relations between robots and humans will be something acceptable.

It’s hard to tell, but it is interesting to think about a future where humans and robots might live side by side. Become friends or even partners throughout life. Perhaps regulations will be needed to monitor that our creations won’t harm our fragile societies and ecosystems. Until then, enjoy Plastic Memories which is airing this Spring(2015) season.


9 thoughts on “Plastic Memories: should robots look like humans?

  1. otakuboy12 says:

    I honestly haven’t watched this anime but according to this discussion sounds very interesting. Might give it a try, but back on topic I believe that human emotion being created by machinery is something that is not that far from reality. In fact I believe that in Japan humanoid robots have been made and even look amazing. If we were to perfect that then I believe it would be shamed but eventually it will be accepted by society. Just like the television (ovo)

  2. CheesyJ says:

    Great post. It’s true that Plastic Memories has quite and interesting premise. But I find it weird that no one is questioning the ethics behind giving synthetic beings the ability to feel, remember and for lack of a better term, have souls only to take it all away after 9 years. Seems uselessly cruel in my books, and a darker consequence of such a premise. But I guess that’s just the way I think. Good post.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Indeed it is strange nobody has thought of laws to implement the robots fully into society or keep them seperated. It also seems weird a robot loses its memory after said time when they are so advanced. Is the hard drive full and does it reboot itself? Seems strange. Eve no Jikan did a better job in explaining the dynamics of advanced robots within human society.

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