First impressions spring anime 2015 Part 2

Fate/Stay NightThe second part of my first impressions.

This second part is definitely the lesser set of shows I’ve selected for Spring 2015.

Hibike EuphoniumGirls join the music club to create a big band or something. Kumiko gets confronted with her past when she joins the same club as her former friend who was stoked to get to the nationals during middle school, but got disappointed when it didn’t happen.

This show has proven to be KyoAni’s least original show ever. It seems like a straight copy from K-ON! with the main guy being straight from Kyoukai no Kanata or Tamako Market. Take your pick. It breathes K-ON with a new smack of paint. A new smack of paint isn’t even really the case, the visuals don’t really standout in any way. The opening is has the same design with new characters inserted.

The character traits from Kumiko are so fake and forced it ruins the overall experience of Hibike Euphonium. Side characters also follow familiar tropes and all feel fake, only there to progress the plot.

15spring6Kagami, a prodigy NEET is forced by his sister to work as a teacher, consequently making something out of his life. Through the clichéd way of using unconventional teaching methods he will bring his students to the next level. He teaches them the rules of life through his teachings.

This concept is reused so much I’m started to get irritated while writing this. Kagami is quickly appreciated by his students while not really doing anything useful. The visual look and feel is kind of old school with very straight lines and character designs that fit more in the 2004 era. Denpa Kyoushi has to do something really special to pull itself out of the ordinary.

DanMachiGodess Hestia has become an internet phenomenon, and beyond. DanMachi follows Hestia and Bell who are finding a way through dungeons underneath their city to gather a following for their cause. Or something.

The series main focus seems to be the depiction of mostly well breasted females and the dungeon crawling is just there to add some background story to justify it all. J.C. Staff’s poor visuals don’t necessarily seem to apply to this show, since I couldn’t tell it was J.C. Staff. Which is a good thing!

Kekkai SensenI honestly don’t really know what Kekkai Sensen does. The story is pretty vague at the start with New York city, or a city resembling it, having a portal to another world. A world filled with oddly looking being that move in and out of the portal into the human world. The concept has some similarities to Darker than Black in that respect.

Kekkai Sensen will need some more story building to make it more appealing to its audience. This is a BONES production, therefore it will all come together eventually. BONES likes to slowly reveal elements of the plot throughout the run of a show. In terms of visuals, nothing spectacular. Though I’m not a fan of the low saturated color scheme which seems to be dominant with BONES the last couple of seasons.

Owari no SeraphMost of the population dies after a virus, leaving only under thirteen year olds as livestock for apparently pedophile rapist vampires. On top of that, weird monsters appeared after the massive virus outbreak. Yuuichirou takes it upon himself to become the savior of mankind and humiliate the vampires into a defeat they do not see coming.

I’ve written it a bit more epic than it actually is. Owari no Seraph takes itself way to seriously with enforced drama with no real feel to it, some shonen ai elements(I’ve been warned for that) and plugging a high school theme for no particular reason. Honestly when the high school element was introduced, I thought to myself how, in any way possible, is this anywhere relevant for the story?
The world is in shambles, with ruins scattered all over the place and monsters ravaging everywhere, yet there is time to build a fancy, shiny new school. How is that even remotely possible? It’s about survival, but you have time to create a school? With a teacher? I thought every elderly(above 13 is apparently an adult) died a horrible and agonizing death? Yet there is a teacher?

While I’m not always against cliché themes, since they even can have some originality sprinkled over them, Owari no Seraph proves the industry is rotten to the core(with exceptions) when it produces anime like this, only to use familiar tropes hoping to cash in. I don’t expect anything positive from this show. If you like elements such as: vampires, high school, swords and monsters, I can recommend this show.

NisekoiNisekoi’s second installment sets forth where it left off in the first season. Continuing the harem romance by introducing new characters and pushing its main plot to the background.

I remember the moment I got hyped for Nisekoi with its first episode. It felt like a breath of fresh air through anime. The visuals were outstanding and the plot seemed like it would bring more diversity within the genre. Unfortunately Nisekoi wasn’t able to live up to that first episode, not even in season 2. the visuals are lacking and the show spiraled into mainstream harem. And the main focus of a harem oriented show, are the girls, which are likeable. That isn’t the case in Nisekoi as none of the girls actually appeal to the viewer. They are only a mixture of stereotypes with nothing that defines them as special.

OregairuOregairu season 2 yet again follows Hachiman and the other extraordinary crew members of the Services Club, run by top student Yukino Yukinoshia.

I guess this show is pretty popular under anime viewers since the review I’ve written is one of the more popular posts on this blog. Oregairu itself doesn’t really do anything new this time around. Viewers familiar with the show will find themselves in the comfort zone. It’s still too early to tell whether the show will get any more exciting, but my guess is the show will follow the slice of life vibe like the first season.

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