First impressions spring anime 2015 Part 1

Fate/Stay NightI picked up way more shows than I expected.

The spring season made its debut and I decided it was a good idea to start with Shoguki no Shoma. What a terrible mistake. Rarely have I encountered a show that I dropped while watching the first episode. This atrocious insult to anime was even worse than To Love-Ru in its fan service. I forgot I disliked Koufuku Graffiti and that Shoguki no Shoma would also be among those lines, although the latter took ‘food porn’ way too literal. Luckily others Spring shows proved that it wasn’t all that bad.

Plastic MemoriesPlastic Memories is set in an alternative future where robots, with a limited life span, function as humanoids to coexist with humans. When reaching the end of their life span their memories are being erased, losing all memories they made with their owners. A special team of a human accompanied with a similar robot pick up the almost defect unit.

I really like this concept of the transition to a more transhumanist, or any other more advanced, society where technology has reached new heights. I like the main character Isla who not only is cute, but also embodies something more, namely that she possess human like traits that make her likeable as an artificial intelligence. Maybe I’m giving this show too much credit, but certainly is food for thought for genre enthusiast.

Fate/Stay NightThis is next level sh*t. I mean how can an anime look this good? The opening sequence, I almost dare to say that it is the best opening of 2015. The second installment of the remake of the Fate/Stay Night series goes on where it left off.

There is one common problem I have with the Fate/ franchise. I have a hard time connecting with the characters. The visuals are spectacular all the time with beautiful particles and fluent movement, but the characters seem distant. Ufotable tries to create believable characters, but often focuses heavily on a few characters making the overall environment very abstract. It is unclear why others are in it to win it and what drives them to go to such ends. And those they focus on, don’t really seem to be all that worked out with holes in their background story, making this a very hard series to grasp for newcomers.

Ore MonogatariA freakishly large high school guy Gouda has a ‘good with the ladies friend’ Sunakawa which makes Gouda feel insecure about himself. One faithful day he saves Rinko from a groper in the subway and a potential romance between the two starts. A love triangle emerges when Sunakawa for the first time finds likeable traits in a girl.

Despite the very clich├ęd plot and setup, Ore Monogatari was really enjoyable. The show had a nice aesthetic feel and a vibe of innocence. It heavily reminds me of Chihayafuru , but without the sports. The characters have the same shoujo styling and interestingly the guys have a more feminine touch than they would’ve in shounen anime.

15spring4Cute as f*ck. I mean this is super cute. I love it. Urawa no Usagi is an anime short that advertises Urawa City in Saitama Japan. Nothing much going on for this anime, apart from the highly saturated visuals.

It’s an anime short. I thought it would be a full fletched anime, but considering the theme I don’t suppose it would be able to stand without firm substance. We are introduced to a group of girls who take us through the different elements of their lives. It’s a typical slice of life so those seeking more, should leave this show for what it is. I would’ve loved the series better if they would use a more canvas feel, like they use in the ending sequence.


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