Blogspotlight: Unotaku

Anime BlogAfter a long time, another special guest for the blogspotlight. Daziigirl from Unotaku takes the stage.

Question 1: Could you tell the readers a bit about your blog? What can we find on your blog?UNOTAKU is an anime related blog. It’s still under construction, but right now you can find mostly reviews and topics for discussions there. If there’s anything going on in the anime world, that I realize soon enough, I might upload a News-Post too. But mainly it’s reviews and discussions :3″

Question 2: What made you decide to start your own blog?
“Since I feel like I’m the only otaku in my school, I wanted to share my love and opinions towards anime with other otakus, that’s why I started this blog. And because it’s fun :D”

Question 3: How did you get in touch with anime and other Japanese media?
“My cousin was a huuuuuge Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragonball freak, and everytime my mom and I came to visit I had to hang out with him – so basically I was forced to watch anime, and then I started liking it and here I am: now an even bigger otaku than my cousin haha xD”

Question 4: What is the element that you like most in anime?
“I love how anime has become so popular all over the world, and that it suits their country best – the way the characters exaggerate only sounds good in the japanese language haha 😀
And I love how anime can change people – they can motivate you, encourage you to do something better!”

Question 5: Do you have a specific genre you love to watch?
“Yesss, I love drama and psychological anime a lot!! *-* but I’m actually open for any genre, as long as the story is good and I can ‘feel’ with the characters ^-^”

Question 6: What is your favorite series? Can you tell us what made it so special?
“Mekakucity Actors is definitely one of my favorite animes, if not even the best anime EVAA \*-*/ I guess I like it so much, because it managed to tell me an interesting story while talking about the dramatic past of each character in just 12 episodes! It was funny, dramatic and weird at the same time xD and I also love the art style – it’s the same as from the monogatari series and I like it there too haha ^-^”Anime Blog

Question 7: What do you dislike in anime?
“Hmm….that’s hard question 😀 I don’t think I dislike anything about anime 😮 I mean, there’s nothing negative that stands out too much so I would always notice it when I watch anime.”

Question 8: I saw collaborations on your blog. Can you tell us about your experience with collaborations?
“To be honest, I don’t have any experience with collaborations xD Okay, a little, but not much, since I’ve only done one last week so far 😀 but I had a lot of fun collaborating with another blog and I’m looking forward to do this more often :3”

Question 9: What does the future for hold for your blog?
“Oh gosh, I hope a lot xD I’m trying to improve my blog with a variety of posts, but I don’t think that’s enough. But I’m thinking about new things and I have some stuff in mind – I won’t tell yet though xD so be prepared ;D”

Question 10: To make this post a little more personal. Can you give us a random fact about yourself?
“I’m a half Italian – half American girl, who lives in Germany 😀 but for some reason I suck in all three languages haha xD”Anime Blog

I want to thank Daziigirl from Unotaku for taking the time to respond to the questions. Make sure to give her blog a visit!

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