Winter season 2015 Review

SaeKanoThe winter season delivered some ups and downs this year.

It was a while back when I really raved when an episode aired once a week during a particular season. Nowadays seasons kind of pass by with usually one or two shows really standing out. When it’s a good season three or even four shows manage to keep me waiting for more episodes. Perhaps I’ve grown accustomed to certain formulas and real innovation is hard to find.

Death ParadeDeath Parade tells the story about the purgatory where artificial entities judge whether a human soul will go into the void or reincarnate. An odd situation arises when a mannequin develops human emotions and gets attached to a soul of a young woman, keeping her for as long as possible in the makeshift after life reality. That’s quite the philosophical stuff.

The concept of Death Parade was really intriguing, but during its execution the answers of life were a bit pushed to the back. The show tried to tell its theme through showing different souls revealing their true nature and therefore being rightly judged. Perhaps this was done to shape main character Decuim to make him realize that humans cannot easily be judged based solely within a secluded and artificial environment.

Death Parade sure had a good run with the issues and pro’s of human nature being tossed around through the episodes. I still cannot agree that the opening song is mentioned as one of the better songs, I’ve seen it being tossed around a few times in end of the year award posts. The ending song does a way better job in attempting to claim a top 5 position for the 2015 awards. This still remains a personal preference of course.

Junketsu no MariaA young Witch tries to better the world by using her magic to rid violence and diseases from her country, despite the church and her believers trying to stop her at all cost.

I really enjoyed Junketsu no Maria. The series had a right mix between light hearted humor and factual beliefs in the portrayed time frame. Junketsu no Maria was a welcome breeze in the winter season, but could build more on the story department. It rushed through it in the one season scheduling and swapped characters in and out to progress the story without really fleshing them out.

SaeKanoA young otaku who aims to create the best eroge ever together with his harem. A very regular setup that apparently never grows old.

In my review I stated that I rather dislike this setup and that it goes beyond the realm of escapism and into unrealistic. The concept is the same we’ve seen multiple times, where a rather unpopular guy gains romantic interest from the opposite sex, multiple from the opposite sex at that matter, yet still remains oblivious to romantic advances. It was really painful to see SaeKano go this way, but it was to be expected.

The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsThe Idolmaster spin-off featuring the girls from the Cinderella Girls project, trying to commodify pedophilia even more. That is really the only sentiment I get from this adaptation as it portrays young girls in skimpy outfits, may it be or may it not be an accurate representation of reality.

I had the same vibe with Black Bullet, where apparently only preteen girls could save the planet of a certain demise, only in Idolmaster the world isn’t threatened, but you get my drift. I find this show really in poor taste. Not only was the theme rather on edge, the execution was terrible without any purpose or goal. It was only young girl aiming to become idols, which is indeed the purpose of the show, but the characters were shallow without any drive. From an outsider perspective the Idolmaster creates a really biased view of what anime actually is and therefore this show is best viewed within its region where it fits within the context.


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