SaeKano Review: Artistically flawed

SaeKano ReviewWatch an eroge come to life in SaeKano.

I’m not really familiar with eroge. I’ve seen plenty of artworks to conclude it’s a really big investment and that the artist can really make a difference, appealing to a certain fan base. The artist responsible for the character designs in SaeKano is truly something.

SaeKano ReviewWe follow Aki in his quest to develop the best eroge ever. He uses his network of sexy ladies to realize his dream. Somehow this not so alpha male has created quite the enviable social club. The group consists of a highly talented writer, a doujin artist, a girl who was the trigger for the story and has apparently no other purpose than being a narrative tool and the hot niece to spice the series up with some incest romance.

This setup, yet very familiar in anime, seems awfully unrealistic. I appreciate escapism, but it can go over the top and make it more of an insult to the viewer where it forces real life comparisons towards a work of fiction.

SaeKano ReviewIn the previous paragraph I briefly stated the series is in essence pretty basic in its setup. The main character is a nerd with hardly any interest in real life women, but has the skills of a pickup artist, making him the most desirable man around.

Admittedly I hate this setting where the main character is super frightened of the other sex. It seems unrealistic, catering an impossible situation. The hysterical outbursts when in physical contact with a woman are scenes that are agonizing to watch. An even more extreme example was Mayo Chiki, which had kind of the same vibe. They contradict the overall environment of the character, who is surrounded by his ‘harem’. I find it hard to relate to the subject and can imagine many are with me.

sae3SaeKano did a fairly good job in creating an appealing style, yet it didn’t reach the magically colorful art of the original creator. SaeKano also used some SHAFT like camera techniques to freshen up the series.

SaeKano ReviewSaeKano follows an all too familiar plot and the only noteworthy aspect where it sets itself apart from the rest is the visual design. A visual design that has become an A-1 pictures trademark for its anime the last couple of seasons. I couldn’t enjoy SaeKano to its fullest due to its generic cast and uninspiring story. I therefore rate it a 6 out of 10 and would only recommend this series to lovers of the harem genre.


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