Preview: Charlotte

Charlotte AnimeP.A. Works collaborates with Key once again to create Charlotte.

Charlotte is an original anime project from P.A. Works collaborated with Aniplex and Key. We’ve seen this collaboration between Key and P.A. Works before in Angel Beats, which turned pretty fine. Angel Beats may have not been perfect, but the music and animation stood out.

Charlotte revolves around a small percentage of boys and girls in puberty with special abilities. Don’t know why they have to be pubescent, but whatever, this is anime after all. Yuu and Nao, through the power of faith, come in contact and their lives with special powers are on the brink of being exposed to the public. Not much else is known of the series other than the fact that we can probably label this series as a slice of life, supernatural, romance anime. Probably.

Charlotte AnimeThe original character designs, done by Na-Ga(Angel Beats, Little Busters), in Charlotte remind a lot of Angel Beats and other Key related projects such as Clannad with mainly the characteristic eyes. Admittedly first key visuals hint towards a more modern approach to anime as it is more familiar to Little Busters.

Yet this time Jun Maeda is at the wheel who also worked on Clannad and Angel Beats, indicating that Charlotte might have a more developed and emotional background story. Music in the preview reminds heavily of Angel Beats, this isn’t surprising since the sound director is the same, namely Satoki Iida.

P.A. Works has some catching up to do since its last less than fortunate series such as Shirobako, which I dropped rather quickly, Glasslip which failed really badly and Red Data Girl, whilst original in its execution didn’t pack much punch either. Charlotte will start airing in July 2015.

6 thoughts on “Preview: Charlotte

    • ninetybeats says:

      I found that Shirobako didn’t progress fast enough and a lot of characters were ruining the overall enjoyment. I’ve watched Glasslip until the end since I could appreciate Touko as the main character.

      • sindyblue10 says:

        I’m normally not much of a fan for slow anime either, but I found this one to be the right pace.
        I guess I really enjoyed watching the girls strive towards their dream and I found watching how the anime industry works in the anime really interesting.
        Not to mention I also really liked the art style and everything.
        Also have you seen the news on how some characters in Shirobako is based off real life people?

  1. spitzsoapbox says:

    Shirobako was interesting, but its adherence to reality made it pretty boring at the same time. Glasslip is the only PA Works series I’ve seen that I outright did not like, and Clannad/Angel Beats! were two of my favorites, so this new series is sounding pretty appealing.
    If anything, it’ll be pretty to look at and listen to.
    Also, Touko? Psshaw! Everyone knows Sachi was the reason to sit through Glasslip.
    (we have fun)

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