Anime Blogging: Writing, Comments and Beyond

Anime BlogA response to Artemis her post about what Anime Blogging means to its author.

Over the course of time on this blog I’ve touched some of the subjects that involved me into creating and writing for an anime related blog.

I’ve passively watched anime as a kid, but since 2011 I was introduced to anime yet again and I started watching anime more seriously. I’m a personality that once I find something I fancy, I indulge myself in it. I was familiar with writing online, since I wrote gaming reviews as a member for a popular Dutch gaming website. I learned how to deal with criticism and feedback, shaping me into a semi-experienced online writer.

Watching anime felt like a taboo at first, but soon I learned that quite a few people in my direct environment watched it so the need to express myself wasn’t really at hand. Yet, I felt I wanted to do more than just sharing simple thoughts on airing anime and the likes. I wanted to write reviews again, connect with like minded enthusiasts and from a career perspective how to learn to create content, keep it up to date and consequently learning how to use a basic CMS-system such as WordPress.

Blogging has enabled me to connect with fellow bloggers, discuss about series and keep improving my writing skills. I learned some basic understanding of maintaining a website in its most basic form and shape it into something that I think reflects my personality and preferences, which can be traced back in the visual lay-out of the website and my writing style.

I don’t try to only limit myself to writing about anime, since I believe we all benefit from improving our online skills. I write about how to improve your blog and ‘discoverability’ as a way to diversify my content and share my knowledge.


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