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SEO blogThere are more ways than just writing to generate traffic to your blog.

I’ve written some articles about generating traffic to your blog. I want expand on that and go a little further into the material what you can do besides just writing your articles. It’s a shame when your precious pieces end up in the void while they give great value. This is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization which its sole purpose is making websites appealing for the search bots of search engines.

SEO blogI won’t go into hardcore details of the workings of search engines, but I think a little understanding won’t hurt. Search engines use complex algorithms that determine which content is most relevant to the search query. The algorithms become more and more intelligent and keep filtering out irrelevant content.

Sites with up to date and unique content are prioritized above others. It doesn’t end with the website alone. How popular are social media connected to the website? The more followers a site has on Facebook, the more relevant the website should be. How valuable a like is on Facebook is a topic for debate.

Google keeps crawling the web, indexing everything it finds. It defines which pages are popular, how frequently it is updated and overall authority of the page. Within the realm of it’s pretty difficult to improve the backend, but there are still ways you can improve your site and be more relevant for potential visitors.

SEO blogTitles and text are very important. Search Engines scan a page and the titles are the first objects to scan the content written in the article. Remember that search engines are like humans when it comes to text. They start from top to bottom. Titles therefore should give an indication of what is in the article. Misleading articles won’t be counted as relevant, so try to be as specific as possible in your header text and title.

It may be too farfetched to start researching which keywords are relevant to write for and will be beyond the point for a blogger. For the sake of this website and it’s topic I’ll give an example. If you want to write a review for Attack on Titan, it may be wise to start your article the title “Attack on Titan review” and not an irrelevant one such as “Giants take over the world.” You’re writing a review about Attack on Titan, so don’t hide that fact.

SEO blogSearch Engines are not humans, they cannot ‘see’ an image. You can make it easier for them to add a short(or long) description of the image. Make it relevant for the article. When you’ve written your Attack on Titan review and you upload an image for the post, add “Attack on Titan” in the “Alt Text” section. There is also a possibility to add a description and a title to the image. This feature is build in for you in the WordPress CMS, so you don’t have to bother with coding. Small effort to make your site more relevant.

SEO blogI’ll usually end this sort of article by saying that you shouldn’t over optimize, because that won’t work either. Don’t write for search engines, be yourself and enjoy writing. I hope that I could at least give you a glimpse in how a search engine works and how it determines which websites or pages are most relevant.

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  1. krisneo99 says:

    Thank You So much for your useful tips! 🙂 Will be doing better anime Reviews after viewing your insightful and helpful posts!

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