Akame ga Kill Review: Action packed Anime

Akame ga KillBloodshed anime Akame ga Kill slices its way through its shallow plot.

I saw Kurumi’s review of Akame ga Kill and I thought I wanted to give my take on this series as well.

Akame ga KillAkame ga Kill centers around an opposing group who tries to overthrow the violent government, with more violence. The group consists of the strongest warriors, with cute girls included. I mean lets be reasonable.

There isn’t much to the plot and not really something I would expect either. The focus is turned towards Tatsumi who joins the group and along the way learns the way of becoming a true no mercy warrior. His rage and determination fueled by the needless killing of his crew and loved ones.

Akame ga KillInterestingly enough the title is based upon one of its main characters Akame, a coldblooded girl samurai who tries to stop her sister who is plotting with the government.

I find it kind of interesting to see that the studio uses Natsumi as a narrative to tell Akame’s story, which feels more side tracked and less in the spotlight. Which also indicates that there is some lack of character building in Akame ga Kill. Not all characters get the attention that they deserve, which from a production perspective is an unreasonable request. It would also slow down the plot progression.

Akame herself feels like an overpowered character when in battle and make you question how she isn’t a one man army yet. The series follows a sort of Dragonball Z formula where at each stage the enemy becomes stronger and stronger, until it becomes an all out war that destroys everything surrounding it. For a White Fox production, who delivered creative projects such as Steins;Gate and Katanagatari, Akame ga Kill feels bleak.

Akame ga KillAkame ga Kill features a more robust and less elegant character design, something I wasn’t really fund off. The lines are sharp, the colors are straightforward and not really enchanting. For the dark theme of the show, a more Fate/Zero-esque style would fit the show better in that respect. The soundtrack had really touching moments, enhancing the overall feel for the particular scene.

Akame ga KillDespite the show having a rather shallow plot, it created a good vibe and great action sequences. The audience would sympathize with some of the characters, with the emphasis on some, since not all characters were as well fleshed out. I rate Akame ga Kill an 8 out of 10 for the strong action performance, staying true to the genre.


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