Preview: Shogukei no Souma

Shogukei no SoumaJ.C. Staff’s entry for the Spring 2015 Season, Shogukei no Souma.

Based on the popular manga that tells the story of Souma who works in his father’s restaurant is now enrolled, by his father, at an elite culinary school.

I cannot say a lot about this show apart from that the artwork being promising and consequently having my concerns about the studio and the subject matter. Koufuku Graffiti proved to be boring as I couldn’t take anymore of the food porno after two episodes. I wonder how interesting they can make cooking. At least it will be in another setting which hopefully gives room for more than only details about food.

Frequent readers will know I don’t really fancy J.C. Staff a lot. This is mainly because their animation is sloppy, there are exceptions of course such as ToraDora. Therefore I find it a shame this franchise was given to J.C. Staff, perhaps A-1 could’ve done a more creative job, especially on the animation department.

Shogukei no Souma is directed by Yonetani, Yoshitomo(Tiger & Bunny, Last Exile). Music is done by Kato, Tatsuya(Buddy Complex, Free!, Mirai Nikki).

2 thoughts on “Preview: Shogukei no Souma

  1. miharusshi says:

    Perhaps you haven’t seen Sakurasou? That one has a pretty good animation from J.C. Staff, in my opinion.

    Souma might turn out interesting. I trust the director who made Tiger & Bunny a fun show to watch, despite my initial qualms about the show looking a lot like American cartoons.

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