Amagi Brilliant Park Review: Super Fun Time

Amagi Brilliant ParkMany laughs guaranteed with Kyoto Animations’ Amagi Brilliant Park.

Comedy isn’t really my genre, mainly because jokes are a hit or a miss. Humor differs from person to person and in sense of escapism I like tragedy or drama more since it evokes a different set of emotions. Every now and again a great comedy comes around and Amagi Brilliant Park is one of them.

Amagi Brilliant ParkThe magical theme park ‘Amagi Brilliant Park’ is struggling to keep visitors coming to maintain a steady flow of happiness to ensure the inhabitants and their beloved queen Latifa can keep on living. The situation is quite dire and new management has to turn the park into a popular attraction once again. The goal: to reach a certain amount of customers to satisfy the fairy world overlord and stop the cute princess from dying.

It’s fun to see that an amusement park can have an underlying purpose instead of only just entertaining guests. Without the underlying theme, Amagi Brilliant Park wouldn’t be as engaging. The new park manager Seiya tries many different tactics to attract new customers from lower entry fees to promotional videos. They work well for story progression and lead to often times hilarious situations.

Amagi Brilliant ParkManager Seiya is assisted by busty Sento who will introduce him to the park mechanics and make sure he turns the park into something successful. Interestingly enough, Sento herself, needs some spiritual guidance as well.

The rest of the park is filled with colorful characters. In the beginning the characters felt like a nuisance, especially Moffle, which felt like a plot driver. The girls who performed shows were good eyecandy, but later on also fulfilled their part. Along the way all characters had purpose and gave the story its necessary comedic relief to keep the show fresh and enjoyable.

Amagi Brilliant ParkI know a lot of you will think: Kyoto Animation doesn’t innovate with its visuals, it’s doing that same moe-thing all the time. Well Shaft, J.C. Staff and many others aren’t doing much either, they stick to what they do best and so does Kyoto Animation. It is familiar, approachable and crisp.

The soundtrack didn’t really do much for me and when considering the vibe of the show, I wouldn’t expect much more either.

amagi4Amagi Brilliant Park is a great comedy that features a great main and supporting cast. After you’ve made it through the first episode, the show takes shape and begins to develop into an anime that puts a smile on your face. The look and feel is typical Kyoto Animation we’ve seen the last few years. Fans will appreciate this welcome addition to the KyoAni portfolio.


4 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park Review: Super Fun Time

  1. aurajanuary says:

    I’m really glad someone else watching Amaburi. It didn’t get any attention and no one picked it up for US release, so I’m always happy to see someone reference it.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I didn’t really have the feeling nobody picked it up, but know that you mention it I didn’t really hear much about it among bloggers. Still KyoAni shows create some hype around their release.

      • aurajanuary says:

        Yeah, KyoAni does usually build hype, but somehow it didn’t cross the ocean. I don’t follow a lot of bloggers, but you’re the first AmaBuri post I’ve seen, and none of my VA or animator friends were talking about it. It was really surprising.

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