Preview: Nisekoi 2

NisekoiNisekoi goes for a second season this Spring. Will it loosen up on its harem plot?

Probably not. I said it in my Nisekoi review, that it felt like the studio had blown away all its budget in the first episode. The beautiful animation was breathtaking and the premise created in the first episode promised a lot, but only to disappointment later on.

I felt like the first season of Nisekoi would be a refreshing romance anime, but it quickly turned into an ordinary harem anime with typical Shaft visuals. And in all honesty, I have a hard time really getting into the visual design of the studio. Madoka Magica was super and Denpa Onna did a fairly decent job, but other shows like Bakemonogatari felt overhyped.

A lot isn’t know yet about the second season, but it will probably move on with its existing plot, which was trivialized in the first season. The studio should shift its focus back to the key and lock plot. It had more potential and could be concluded with more confidence and closure, rather than adding new girls in the mix. The second season of Nisekoi will start airing in April 2015.


2 thoughts on “Preview: Nisekoi 2

  1. andrewdt100 says:

    As someone who follows the manga every week, I expect Nisekoi season 2 to be more of the same. I enjoy this particular harem, but if your looking to find more of a romance I doubt it will happen.

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