Fall Season 2014 Review

14fall12This post is long overdue, but I wanted to close off the Fall Season of 2014 nonetheless.

Alright, I dropped Sora no Method. I couldn’t take the terribleness anymore. The characters were terrible and the story was vague and not engaging. As with every season I have a terrible pick and Sora no Method was that one for the Fall Season.

14fall2Amagi Brilliant Park was the best show of the season. The show was funny and had jokes timed just at the right moment. The jokes fitted within the overall vibe of the show and resulted in hilarious moments with the diverse set of characters giving Amagi BrilliantPark a refreshing vibe.

Amagi Brilliant Park follows the recognizable Kyoto Animation style and fans of the studio will be glad to see a familiar look and feel. I don’t have much to complain about this show, honestly. In the beginning I was skeptical about some of the characters, but they all fell into place during the run of the show.

14fall1Fate/Stay Night knows how to deliver one of the best animation sequences for the fall season. The visuals effects were truly magnificent during the epic fighting scenes.

Admittedly I find Fate/Stay Night itself still hard to grasp. This issue was also present with the Fate/Zero installment. The visuals were top notch and the characters very diverse, but I find it hard to get a feel for the matter at hand.

It’s a shame that while the visual execution is top notch, the story itself is struggling to engage its audience. Perhaps lovers of the genre will find it less troublesome to get into the series.

14fall3Inou-Battle wa Nichijou was Triggers’ entry for the Fall season of 2014 and they did a pretty decent job. I didn’t fancy Kill la Kill that much because it went way over the top and the graphic design choices weren’t always what I hoped for. But that was to be expected.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou seems to take it down a notch, but still with characteristic Trigger animation styles. Whether you like it or not. Admittedly at times it felt refreshing, but also the almost slapstick or stop motion animation didn’t really fit well within the theme.

The show itself was funny and entertaining. It exploits the more recent chuunibyou trend in anime and from that perspective it uses familiar tropes and doesn’t really try to stand out that much.

14fall9The second season of Hitsugi no Chaika continues where the first season left off. The second season seems to appeal more to the emotions and builds more on the main cast. Which is a good thing, since I had trouble being able to make a connection with the cast in the first season.

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 manages to stay fresh and keeps building up to a grand finally in which many unanswered questions created over two seasons, finally get answered (duh). I suspect many will dislike the main Chaika’s, since there are many in the show, as they are portrayed as dependent and clueless beings. Which isn’t necessarily true as the Chaika’s go through a stage of growing and at the end become full-fledged, independent persons.

14fall13Psycho-Pass Season 2 takes us back yet again to a world in which technology determines whether someone is a criminal or not. Rebels of the system go full force against the system, by all means necessary.

I think Psycho-Pass touches a subject of a world run by artificial intelligence and whether it would be a desirable society. It seems humans are more capable of judging one another than computers will ever do. The series itself tries to get its point across with graphic imagery along the road which some may find a bit disturbing.


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