Back from a period of lesser activity

back1Some of my subscribers may have noticed my period of lesser activity.

I hit a period of an inspirational lockdown where I struggled to come up with any ideas for posts. And when I had ideas it became difficult to go beyond the concept phase. I’m also pretty often in doubt whether my posts will be interesting, but I guess that’s just me overthinking.

Not only did I suffer from a lack of inspiration, but also combining writing, personal activities and a full time job became really difficult to combine.

A full time job on its own is pretty steady and I often combined writing posts while commuting, but even that became too difficult as I began leaving early in the morning, which left me tired at the end of the day. Yet I realized writing still remains pretty fun and I’ll do my best to keep it up for as long as I am able to.

Meanwhile I’ve reached the two year mark and I will make a separate post for that to reflect on it. I have the anime awards of the 2014 planned, but since not all 2014 anime stopped airing yet, I wanted at least give them a fair chance to be taken into consideration. For those who anticipated my writing, my sincerest apologies.


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