What went wrong with Sora no Method?

sora1Sora no Method isn’t the highly anticipated show of the season, but I didn’t see this terribleness coming.

As Sora no Method progresses and nearing its end, I can’t help but feel this show has taken a wrong turn somewhere. Admittedly I was triggered by the artwork, which was pretty darn cute and the premise seemed to pack some punch. But how could this combo turn into a train wreck? And I know you might wonder, why are you still watching? Well, for the sake of completion of course.

A small rural village in Japan is haunted by an all mighty saucer, embodied by cute girl Noel, that appeared some years ago. While Nonoka left with her parents for the city because her mother needed special medical care, shit apparently went down and most friends started to resent her, hating her comeback to the village. Even after her mother died, which seems a bit farfetched and unreasonable.

I think I already revealed the main problem of the series, namely the poor characters and their back stories. Yuzuki, main mad girl, seems to have a pure hatred for Nonako for no apparent reason. Apart from being mad she couldn’t lit fireworks to make her brother happy again after a minor accident, all because of the saucer. Enough reason to be mad at Nonoka, how dear she lose her mother and ruin a potentially epic fireworks show!

The stupidity in this series keeps stacking up as characters are super duper mad and pretty quickly start to become normal sympathetic human beings again. Or something. I may have perhaps missed the whole point of the series. And if I did, then this is also a flaw of the series, as it is not able to properly convey its message to the viewer.


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