Recommendations: Comedy

comedy5Four comedy recommendations to dive into.

comedy1At the Fujisaki Girls Academy Maki and Riko start a secret club where they practice to conquer boys. The interactions between the girls and their learning’s deliver one of the best comedy anime around.

The power of Love Lab lies within in its innocent nature. It has some underlying themes such as integrity and true to self, but it doesn’t necessarily brings into a dramatic fashion. The girls grow into a role of understanding and the nurturing of friendship, which gives Love Lab a relaxing atmosphere and good comedic value.

comedy3Nichijou is perhaps one of Kyoto Animation’s least successful and most underappreciated production.

Nichijou has a lot of diverse characters with each their comedic input. The shows has its ups and downs, but when they hit it right, the jokes are spot on. It’s understandable that a lot of viewers won’t fancy this show as it has a very peculiar visual style, far away from what we are used to from Kyoto Animation. Therefore placing the show out of the expectations many would have with a KyoAni production.

comedy2Asuta gets involved with a secret organization called Zvezda, led by young girl Kate, who wants to take over the world. Together with a curious cast, Zvezda faces many challenges along the way.

Considering the pretty low score on MyAnimeList, it seems Sekai Seifuku is pretty underappreciated despite its strong comedic elements such trying to rid the world of cigarettes and smoking. Sekai Seifuku has a nice style that matches the overall main cast which delivers a lot of diversity. Also Kate is one of the cutest characters with her very outgoing and leader-like attitude.

comedy4Koe de Oshigoto follows Aoyagi Kanna a 16 year old girls who is introduced by her sister to be a voice actress for erotic video games. Kanna has to learn to act on a whole other level to create the best video game experience.

The synopsis is a bit edgy and the show is a bit awkward at times, especially with your volume turned up a little bit too loud, but Koe de Oshigoto has its strong moments. Giving the show some thought, it’s also interesting to notice that the erotic video game industry is a legitimate business where a lot of effort goes into creating the best erotic games. While with a comedic factor, Koe de Oshigoto gives the viewer a peak in more behind the scenes industry outside of Japan. Beware this show is centered towards a more mature audience.


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