Recommendations: Romance

romance0Four recommendations for those who want to explore the romance genre.

There are many romance series out there and it’s hard to select the best. Some that I’vearen’t even really romance series at the core, but I still believe they carry a strong enough message or theme to be considered as such.

romance1Perhaps J.C Staff’s best production, ToraDora. I’ve mentioned this anime a lot over the course of time on this blog, but I still believe this is a show one should have watched when expanding his or her anime watchlist.

ToraDora tells the story of Ruigi and Aisaka who work together to conquer the love of their lives. Along the way they realize they open up to each other and realize they like each other instead.

ToraDora is pretty entertaining, but not so much suited for a rewatch. Then you’ll see apparent flaws and personally I found Minorin a terrible distraction. ToraDora was best when focusing on the two main characters.

romance3Kyoto Animation best production to date, Clannad and Clannad After Story. A story about two young lovers who face the hardships of life, growing towards each other and creating a realistic and emotional setting.

Clannad is explored through different arcs, telling back stories of the different side characters and shaping the story of Tomoya and Nagisa. Not all characters have as much depth to them, but they give Clannad the variety to keep it fresh.
Clannad creates emotional bonding through its characters, which is one of the best features of the show. The viewer gets engaged with the happenings of the main cast. Clannad also fits neatly in the slice of life genre.

romance45 centimeters per second is a romance movie divided into three parts, telling the story of two young lovers that grow apart over time. Touching stuff as it doesn’t focus on the magical of romance, but dares to touch another side which is also familiar with many.

Through the course of life the two main characters grow apart. May it be by moving to another place or just changing life events that shape the person. It’s natural transition which is beautifully portayed in a slow-paced, visually appealing manner.

romance2Is this even a romance story? Or more of a story of friendship? Or do they overlap with each other? It doesn’t matter as Issuukan friends shows a compelling story between Kaori and Yuuki.

The setting may be a bit clichéd with Kaori’s losing memory and Yuuki being the reliable young man who goes against all odds to stay by Kaori’s side. Despite having the odds stacked against it, Isshuukan Friends slowly explores the growing, innocent relationship between Kaori and Yuuki. While not explicit, it’s obvious they have feelings for each other.


3 thoughts on “Recommendations: Romance

      • Leo Blaze says:

        The best according to me was Clannad. It was, overall, the most satisfying one.

        Toradora’s second half was much better than the first one. In the first half, all they do is goofing around.

        5 cm/sec was a good one. It’s episode one was the best. It had some good scenes like when their tear drops fell side by side, or when they both looked at the post office simultaneously waiting for each other’s letter.

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